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Kimbella gave birth, to a beautiful baby boy. Born 7/3/2019-5:49 AM, 6LBS8Oz. Congrats to her and Juelzsantana. Everyone say hello to Santana James

Chris Brown

So, after my post on Instagram, I wanted to explain a little more. In no way shape or form, am I saying Chris brown reaction was ok, the orginal question was "Why, when we hear someone say Good/Nice hair, we are automactically thinking about someone who's mixed and or lighter skin"? My point, I'm trying to make, is to stop allowing the media, to sale to us, what they think is beautiful. Just like artist calling us Black Women a "B$tch" in their lyrics, we continue to support these artist, so why point the finger at one person? I want you all to know, you're in control of every artist. Just like we protest different rights, that can also take place with artist.

Queen v

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X, gives a whole new meaning to "Ride until I can't know more". Well no pun intended but what a great way, to end Pride Month, by coming out of the closet. He takes to Twitter and said "Some of ya'll already know, some of ya'll don't care, some of ya'll not gone FWM no more. but before this month ends I want ya'll to listen closely to c7osure." The song talks about being free and letting go. He also talks about setting boundries. Although Lil Nas X, came out the closet, according to a source, he's not looking to be an LGBTQ poster child.

Geto Boys-Bushwick Bill

Bushwick Bill died of pancreatic cancer on Sunday. He was 52-years-old. Another ledgend gone. Sending condlences to his family and close friends.

After his passing, bandmate Scarface announces Houston City Council run.

Say Her Name-Layleen Polanco

Transgender woman Layleen Polanco was found dead in her cell, at Rikers on Friday. She was currently being held in solitary confinement. She was currently being held on a $500 bail stemmed from a drug possession case. The department of corrections officers, reported her being unresponsive in the Rose M. Singer Center for female inmates. they performed CPR on Layleen until a medical team arrived. They reported, efforts to revive her, lasted for about an hour.  Rikers is out of control and this isn't the first reported horror story, of some sort on their watch. Kalief Browder, a 16-year-old spent three years Rikers. Most of his days, was spent in solitary confinement. This was due to him being accused of stealing a backpack. This jail needs to just go, we need to shut it down in start over. The Justie system isn't fit for minorities and it's been proven. I pray for this beautiful young ladies family, a life going way to soon. #Transrights

Nipsey Hustle

Nipsey Hustle shot multiples times outside of his store. He was later pronounced dead. Celebrities showing their respect with various of post about Nipsey. One rather strange post, was about Nisppsey working on a documentary about the late Dr Sebi. People are saying his murder has a lot to do with this documentary he was working on! I mean it makes you wonder. He was well respected in his hood, how did we get here.

Black Excellence

Tyler Perry is known for giving back. This one takes the cake! He steps in to helped four children of single Mom killed by alleged boyfriend. He didn't only take care of their rent, he also flew 45-year-old Tynesha Evan's body to Wisconsin for burial and he covered her 18-year-old daughter's tuition at Spelman Collage so she doesn't have to drop out.

Tynesha Evans was killed on March 16th outside a bank, in Alpharetta, GA. Her 58-year-old boyfriend was arrested on scene. 

Rap Wars

Kodak Black can't seem to get right!! First he came for Lil Wayne and now he's going toe to toe with Young MA. Young MA didn't find liking to Black's lyrics “I’m fuckin’ Young M.A, long as she got a coochie.” Young MA called him weird, “Obviously, the nigga is weird.” She added, “I know I’m a female.... But at the end of the day, nigga, that’s not my preference.” he took to Instagram live, Kodak said, “I’m talkin’ ’bout, how are you a girl but don’t want your pussy penetrated?

Is separation in the air?

NeNE Leakes clears up rumors about her and husband Gregg Leakes splitting. She calls it "Fake News". However, she address being a caregiver and not being prepared for the task. I wonder if this is her confirming things became overwhelming to the point she wanted to leave. NeNe was recently in the media due feud between her and apart of the other cast of RHOA. In the mist of addressing the rumors, she also shares some upcoming news Gregg has to share with everyone.

(See the above post)

I'll Die First

In the hood, snitching is a big "No,No' in no way shape or form, are you supposed to talk to the cops. It's the street code, they say. In recent interview, Fat Joe said he'll die first before taking a picture with 6ix9ine. He admitted to thinking dude was nice but he could never be his friend. He continued stating he pray for people like 6ix9ine. 

6ix9ine portrayed himself as a hardcore gangster. He continuously talk about gang banging and rep a gang. So, in this case, he should know the rules. Fat Joe isn't the first to speak on 69 snitching.

I recently read a followers post, that defended 69. He said "If you were facing 42 years in jail, you'll just throw your life away and not be honest" ! I believe 6ix9ine ended his career with this one, I mean how do you bounce back from snitching in the "Street" community?

Relationship or Naw?

Love is in the air! Watching ex Cassie move on to someone new and ex Jennifer Lopez finding her true love. It's only right for Diddy to move on. In this case, there's a huge age difference. Lori is 22 and Diddy is pushing 50. Although, neither one of them confirmed these rumors. I guess "Age ain't nothing but a number" No pun intended.

Queen V


Cops Called

The cops were called to the Trump Tower condo's to check on R Kelly's girlfriends. Apparently someone called 911 to report Kelly's girlfriends where planning a mass suicide. The caller advised them it was Azriel Clary and four other women. The caller is unidentified however, they didn't specify when the alleged suicide, is supposed to take place.

The emergency responders arrived to Kelly's Condo around 5:30PM to conduct a wellness check.  It later was proven to be false.

R Kelly can't seem to stay out the media. You would think he would end his relationships and not bring attention to himself . He clearly needs a new team!

Queen V


Baby Fever

Rumor has it:

It was recently reported that Stevie J and wife Faith Evans, was working on a new addition to their family. Shortly after those reports, a source close to the Jordan's, states Faith is currently pregnant.

Queen V


R Kelly's Interview

Allegations*My opinion

Oprah is receiving criticism because of the interview she held with Michael Jackson alleged accusers. Meanwhile friend Gayle, is receiving kudos for the interview held with music artist R Kelly.

R Kelly’s whole team need to be fired for allowing him to do this interview with Gayle King. R Kelly clearly looked like a cheater getting caught. Gayle hit on topics that I questioned, one being the fact he went t McDonalds after being released the first time from prison. I feel like it was a slap in the victims faces, saying he’s untouchable. When Gayle asked Kelly about this, he said McDonald’s is his favorite restaurant and the “M” stands for Mom. R Kelly is really playing a role here. He’s claiming his innocents but at the same time, building a case, of some issues he may have. I feel like he’s doing this for a better plea. If found guilty, we all know what takes place in prison for people with these charges. The part that threw me, was when he sounded like he was acting out trapped in the closet. Kelly never really say with confidence that he doesn’t like underage women. He always seems to talk around it, remember the interview in the past. When they asked, him he did and he replied, what age are we talking. If you are someone being accused of the thing R Kelly did, wouldn’t you want it to be clear to the viewers.

The two young ladies that went on the interview, while R Kelly was still in the room. Azriel Clary was to over the top. She almost sound like, she was trying to convince herself. Jocelyn Savage, spoke but something was off with her. She almost seemed scared. If you go back and look at her face impressions, when Azriel was talking, you can see her eye’s getting big on some of the responses. Azriel been MIA, this is the first time she’s really been seen, period. I feel like Kelly, assigned her to talk. R Kelly feel like Jocelyn parents are the reason why he’s in this position. If you notice Jocelyn also mentioned that! The girls are young and lost. I feel like R Kelly has a certain taste in women, and when they’re a little different then his normal taste, is when he’s fronting for the world. The girls may remind him of his abuser. These girls do need saving. You can look at them and tell they are programed to R Kelly.

When the interview was over, R Kelly was arrested for unpaid child support. The Child support totaled to $161K. This is so called a friend of R Kelly’s friend. I feel like the Feds need to investigate this connection. To me it seems strange, why would someone invest this much money into R Kelly. Is he making threats of telling on others, and they are trying to keep him quiet? It’s strange to me. The girls went in on camera but the accusers in the case, have nothing to do with them.They support their allegations but it's not their case. It's clear R Kelly needs some type of help.

Regina Carter to Kodak Black

Kodak Black was performing and took to the mic and said "Lil Wayne should've died as a baby" Wait pause, all that Kodak? Wayne's oldest daughter Regina Carter, was not here for the BS. She took to social media to give Kodak a piece of her mind. Ya'll know this child doesn't back down when it comes to her parents, she's like the little miss pitbull, that's waiting to take a bite. That's not it, Kodak replied to the rant on social media, by calling her a bald head "BISH". Ouch, he's going a little to far and mite want to pump his brakes. He tried clearing up, as if he was upset because the promoters told him Wayne was coming through but never showed up. He said that Regina need to mind her business and he did songs with Wayne. I guess he's confirming no beef but you called his daughter a bald head "Bish"??

Leaving Neverland ​3/5/2019

HBO aired Leaving Neverland on March 3rd & 4th.  Dan Reed directed Leaving Neverland, which featured two young men whom accused Michael Jackson of sexual abuse. Wade Robson and James Safechuck provided extreme details in their story. Some details without warning but it makes you think. Although these are considered allegations, I have a lot of questions for the people going up against these men. So, many people including some celebrities are saying they're fabricating and it doesn't seem like something Michael Jackson would do, they also pointed out how he loves kids. My response to these people: Some people didn't think their own father would but it happened. You really can't put anything pass anyone. The stories they told, how he gained their family's trust, by building a relationship with them. He made them comfortable to the point, they accepted him like family. The Mother's fell for it, should they have been wiser, it really depends on the predator. They can manipulate the adult as they would the child. What grown man allows a child to sleep with them. Even if it was all innocent, why didn't he leave the door open. Why wouldn't they camp out in the living room or invite the parents. Michael was sheltered as a child and forced to focus on his career. However, Michael was an adult and aware of right and wrong.

The young men continue to have struggles, throughout their life. They are both married and like most men in this case, decided to revel their truth years later. Think about, what heterosexual man going to admit he was molested by another man and his body seemed to like it? They both admitted being scared when they were asked to testify in court on Michael's behalf. One also mentioned feeling betrayed when Michael started hanging with Macauly Culkin. Honestly sounded like a jealous girlfriend, because he made them believe they were in love. Oprah interview the young men as well and she made some valid points. A lot of people her molestation and assume it's aggressive "Rape", when it comes to someone your close with, it's a grooming period. They make you feel comfortable and start the brainwashing period first. When they have that down pack, they will make they first move. The first move, isn't always the "big" move, maybe a little touching here and there, or sexual conversation. When they accomplish that, they will go to the next step and the one that follows. Again, these are of course considered allegations but a lot makes you think.

Some celebrities took to social media. One surprised me and that was Cory Feldman comments. The reason

I'm surprised by Cory, is because he's a victim. He's been trying to tell everyone his story but having a hard time getting across to people. Feldman also tried to collect and raise money to make a movie, to air people. The amount of funds he was looking for, raised a lot of eyebrows. I'm surprised that another victim, can question another (alleged) victim. This is what Cory had to say:

"If God forbid these things were true, then there is a completely different Michael that I knew,” he continued. “What happened with me [and Jackson] was strictly aboveboard. We’d be on the phone for hours. You’re talking about someone who has spent their life in the industry, who grew up in the industry and didn’t have a childhood and have friends and have sleepovers, I could relate. That was my life. We both came from abuse—abusive homes. There is not a lot of kindred minds that can connect on those levels or achieve the success he had. That was the common ground we shared.”

“I have to give my personal experiences because it’s someone who was a friend to me and treated me as such,” he added. “I don’t think we can go jumping on a bandwagon without evidence. That’s why there are court cases and cross-examinations…when [Jackson] was on trial [ending in 2005], he was cleared of all the charges…I don’t think anyone can take [the allegations] lightly, but I also don’t think we should go making a judgment on information we have that’s strictly conversation without backup.”

He does make it clear, this is his personal experience, however he follows up by telling people not to make judgement on information that's strictly conversation without backup. Can't we say the same about Cory? He's accused people in the industry (without providing names) without solid proof. If a victim decides to share their abuse, years later; what proof would you have to back your story up, other than your words.

Leaving Neverland opened my eyes to a lot, not to mentioned, Michael having a taste in "Friends", they all seemed to look alike, right? A lot of the African American community is taking to social media but my question is: Why didn't Michael feel the need to spend time with people from the African American race, in his home? If he was looking for friends and to allow people to have a good time and help them as needed. Just my thought.

Queen V-

Jussie Smollett

Jussie Jussie! I can't believe the foolery I'm hearing about this case. You went on Good Morning America and preached a false story about being attack. You failed to mention they were two brother's you paid to attack you, who have since provided the police with some detail information. Cell phone records and video surveillance of them purchasing the sky mask they used in this fake hate crime. Jussie was given a $100K bail and force to surrender his passport. I'm also being told that Jussie allegedly rehearsed his own assault. Jussie Jussie! This is a disgraced to the LGBTQ community. I mean what were you thinking? To me this just doesn't seem right. A lot of people seem to think it's because he's being written off Empire but I'm starting to think it's because he wants "OUT"

Queen V

The Chef wants his cheddar

Lil Wanye chef is speaking out. He's accusing Wayne of eating good but not paying him to eat good every day. Chef D'Antoine Hills is suing Lil Wayne for $35K, he's claiming this is years from working at Lil Wayne's home without pay.  He did however submit invoices for $416K, however he's claiming, Wayne still owes him this $35K. I mean Sheesh, you were paid $416K , how much is your attorney fees for this $35K you're suing for? Just wondering...

Oh he Stalking Stalking

Justine Skye  was granted a restraining order against rapper Sheck Wes. The order followed after tweets Justine made, accusing Sheck of stalking her while out with her friends and new boyfriend.  Justine also made a statment saying Wes friends approached her as he watched from the car. Sheck who's real name is Khadimou Rassoul Cheikh Fall, also known as the "Mo Bamba" rapper, is ordered to stay 100 yards away from Justine.

Queen V


Meek Mill took to twitter about 6ix9ine "Ok that’s cool but I don’t represent that using influence to cause unnecessary drama and then get them locked up after he portrayed a gang will believe that and follow up it’s not cool..I got a say so when we talking the trenches so I’m speaking for us! 🤞🏾I’m off it" after tweeting about 69, 69 girlfriend accused Meek of hating. Meek replied by stating “ima hater because he’s about to tell after running around starting shit with people and starting drama lol,” he replied. “the streets don’t wanna hear it no more…it’s a fact. I’m not just saying it.” Besides the snitching part, i do agree with Meek Mill on the trouble making part for sure it's almost like, you started all this mess now you're running from it, you claimed to be this big Gang Banger but really not about that life. Wonder how things are going to go, for ole boy.

Queen V

Bobby and Prince

Love and Hip Hop Miami is the least of my favorite. I have yet to catch up on this season but came across this video. I had high hopes that Bobby and Prince will announce their relationship because I'm 100% sure they're a couple. Steve Wonder can see the two have feelings for each other. Bobby is accusing Bobby of messing up his brand because of his sexual orientation and they're so called friends. Just stop y'all are lovers, let's be real! It's 2019, I doubt your brand will be effected at this point.  I'm just saying..

Queen V

There's some frauds in the house

The case of Jussie Smollett, is getting juicy every minute.  Jussie reported a hate crime on January 29th. He reported two men jumping him, making homosexual slurs towards him and putting a rope around his neck. Jussie originally insinuated the two men were white and trump supporters. He didn't only report this hate crime but he also went on GMA and told his story all over again. Jussie said he was getting something to eat from Subway, early morning. People started taking to social media, saying Jussie is not being honest about this whole hate crime. Some accused the actor of creating this story because he was being written off the hit show Empire.  Police interview two suspects, after watching video footage. The two suspects happen to be Smollett trainer and also an extra from Empire. They since came forth and stated Jussie staged his own hate crime. Jussie is being accused now of filing a false report.He has yet to speak with the detective on the case. Jussie is now a criminal suspect in this case!

Queen V

What' to wear when attending your child's school

Joseline Hernandez, shared a picture of her, Baby Bella and her teacher. We know Joseline likes to keep it sexy but is this tooo sexy for school? Maybe a little tooo sexy but hey it's Joseline! I guess we can say she's keeping it cute.

A lot of people want to know what's going on with Baby Bella's teeth and why is she missing so many at such a young age. I wonder if anyone is thinking, maybe they all haven't grown yet and there's a such thing called milk teeth. A lot of people seem to think it's from her eating a lot of sweets but via the post, Joseline makes on the daily, Bella seems to be in great hands.

Call it Quits!

Khole Kardashian decides to call it quits with Tristan Thompson. Are we surprised? Tristan is a repeated offender when it comes to cheating on Khole, so we're not surprise there. We are surprised that Khole continued to stay with Tristan after he was caught in the past. The biggest surprise, is this time around, it's with sister Kylie Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods.

Jordyn is pretty much apart of the Kardashian/Jenner family because of her long friendship with Kylie.  They also share businesses together and Jordyn lives with Kylie.  Sources say the cheating took place last weekend. Apparently the two were partying in LA and although Tristan requested everyone's phones, Jason Lee from Hollywood unlock, states he allowed two of his writers to stay at the party. They witness Jordyn on Tristan's lap, kissing him and rubbing him all over him; as they shared a hookah. Tristan of course was doing the same. They also confirm Jordyn stayed the night with Tristan. Ouch! How about a slap in the Kardashian's faces.

Khole's best friend Malika, quickly started commenting under post about this story. The one that's currently surfacing is her saying "These hoes ain't loyal". A lot of people questioned why did Khole stay with him, after the past allegations. Well I guess we all have been "Fools in love before". No one deserves continuous humiliation, I hope Khole is done for good this time!

Since the story leaked, all of the Kardashian's/Jenner's have since unfriended Jordyn Woods on Instagram.

The story itself seems fishy to me, honestly! For some reason, I believe this is all for publicity. Why would Tristan and Jordyn be so sloppy knowing bloggers were in the house.

Queen V

Chris Brown Vs Offset

The police pulled up instead of Offset. Chris Brown and Offset recently got into over 21 Savage Meme's. During Chris Brown replies, he added his address telling Offset to pull up. Instead someone called in a welfare chat on Chris. Police went out to check on his welfare! Chris Brown can't seem to catch a break, when it comes to the Police.

21 Savage

21 Savage was arrested in Atlanta over a week ago. He was arrested by immigration and customs enforcement. He's being accused of being a UK citizen who entered the US illegally, when he was a minor in 2005.  His arrest caused an uproar in the Hip Hop community and a lot of backlash with different celebrities. Just last week Demi Lovato quits Twitter because of the backlash she received after she found humor with the overall ordeal. She's not the only celebrity that received backlash over 21 Savage Meme's but Chris Brown backlash came directly from Offset. Offset left a comment under Chris Brown post saying "Memes ain't funny lame"! Well Chris Brown wasn't here for his comment, he replied back and told Offset he can pull up.

Besides the beef between celebrities over 21 Savage. How about the beef between the Grammy's and 21 Savage. Everyone seems to skip over the fact, that he was nominated in more than one category but barley mentioned last night during the Grammy's. I'm also told that 21 Savage Mother, was not allowed to attend the show in his absence. Talk about messed up right, he didn't commit murder. Free 21 Savage!  

R who R...Robert

*The words in this Article are solely my view and others, these are allegations until the court of law say something different*

The documentary on Life time, Surviving R Kelly, aired January 3rd to the 5th. This documentary consists of survivors, parents of children captured by R Kelly, former employee’s and R Kelly’s wife. Let first say, I’m disgusted and not surprise by far.

R Kelly Child pornography case brought a lot of attention to R Kelly. I remember watching this tape with disgust, not knowing the girl in the video was only 14 years of age, at the time. He was pissing on her, like she was a toilet. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve heard of golden showers, but this was beyond disgusting to watch. Before knowing the age of the girl, I knew R Kelly to be a very sexual person, so it wasn’t shocking to know, the nasty shit he was doing behind close doors. The disturbing part is finding out behind close doors, he had a thing for “TEENS”.

The documentary touched based on everything. Former artist Sparkle appeared on the show and admitted the teen in the video, is her niece. She alleged in so many words, her family was paid off by R Kelly. She introduced her niece to R Kelly because at the time she was a rapper. She was apart of a group called 4 The Cause. I wonder if Sparkle questioned R Kelly, when she was the back up singer for “Age ain’t nothing but a number”? That alone was weird, she was aware of Aaliyah’s age, why would she introduce her niece to a monster.?

Robert is sick, he needs help, but does this stop at Robert. I believe he’s truly involved in some sick twisted ring. Remember Corey Feldman, allegations. He mentioned Hollywood, being sick and twisted, you would be surprise at the things big shots are involved in! During the documentary, one of the survivors mentioned, it was like an interview during the beginning of each video. He would ask them their name, age and questions. Yes, this can also be used for trophy purposes (from a psychology point of view) but was he selling these videos, was he making them for someone else…. These are the things that were running through my mind, when I watched this documentary. I would investigate the hotels. He was renting floors, why did he need so many floors occupied. All these things are red flags for me. The former employee’s, I feel like they should be investigated. Money could never keep me quiet, for someone with a sickness like Robert’s. Looking at the pictures, of the basketball games he attended for Sparkles niece. Her niece best friend comments. The fact that one of the alleged victims, mentioned seeing the niece recently. Remember the comment from the former employee. She/He said that one of the girls, were considered the trainer. She would get the girls how Robert wanted them to be, he or she mentioned the girl being with R Kelly the longest. I immediately thought about the niece, she was the first one, well besides Aaliyah. The one survivor, mentioned having a threesome with her, not knowing her age but she made a comment, stating the girl was a pro in so many words. She knew everything to do, when it came to sex.

I’m surprised but not surprised! I am now supporting the #muterkelly movement! I feel for these girls and the ones of the parents, who’s searching for their children.

Going in to 2019 like...

Are we surprised... hell no! It's a Love and Hip Hop thing. Erica Mena and Safaree, announced their engagement. I believe VH1 is due for a wedding episode. When they decided to share their love for each other, with a video of Safaree proposing. I can't help but think Erica is pregnant. She looks amazing, but I see a small pouch. If you go to my Instagram @Queen_V_Blog and peep the recent video, of Erica inhaling a pickle....Yeah we know what's good. However, i'm happy for the both of them.

Queen Latifah

Famous musician and actress Queen Latifah rumored to be engaged. U.N.I.T.Y. artist has yet to confirm rumors about being a lesbian, but it is clear, that’s the wave she’s riding. Are we surprised? Of course not, Latifah played the hell out of Cleo in Set it off.

This not it! Well not only is the Queen rumored to be engaged, her partner is also rumored to be pregnant. Queen Latifah has yet to confirm these rumors but I couldn’t be happier for her.

Mike Tyson on being Bipolar

Mike Tyson was recently interviewed on Big Boy Radio and he discussed being Bipolar.  Mike talked about being diagnosed 15 years ago.  When asked if he believed Kanye was also Bipolar, he replied he's unsure of Kanye's diagnoses. He did however, state Kanye needs to take his "F'N medicine"! 

LGBTQ 1st Annual Festival

September 30, 2018 Freelee Foundation presents, New Castle County LGBTQ 1st Youth annual festival in New Castle county. I had a chance to be apart of history today and what a great experience it was. In this world today, I find it important to embrace youth, who are apart of the LGBTQ family.

The crowd was filled with joy and laughter. I couldn’t help but think about the 9-year-old Colorado boy who died by suicide, after coming out to his classmates. I think, if only every state can have a festival like this, helping the community accept that everyone is different but “love is love”. Today I witness parents with their children who identify as LGBTQ. I had a chance to catch up with the founder Keonna Freeman of Freelee Foundation, I asked why is this important? “Supporting LGBTQ youth is important to me, because many times youth are not able to be who they are due to the possibility of being disowned at home, lack of support, potential to be bullied at school, and so many more negative factors. Providing a support system, and events as safe havens for LGBTQ youth in our communities to be who they are allows them to know that they are loved and cared for, with hopes to create more positive outcomes in their development, by letting them know and feel they too are human.” Freeman added “New Castle County’s 1st Annual LGBTQ Youth Pride Festival was a success today. All presenters and organizers did an amazing job working together and executing. One person was not responsible for it’s success, a village was. From DeShanna Neal and her committee, my Nonprofit FreeLee Foundation, our volunteers, to organizations such as Staples for donating supplies; We did it!! I couldn’t be prouder of the love and support shown by all supporters, including The Mayor of Wilmington, New Castle County Executive, Elizabeth Lockman, and James Spadola. Equality is key. Positive growth and change are imperative.” I couldn’t agree more! This is something you don’t want to miss next year. Be sure to follow Freelee Foundation @Freelee_foundation

Queen V

Bill Cosby

Breaking News today!  Bill Cosby was processed at the Montgomery Correctional Facility in Eagleville, Pennsylvania after being sentenced to 3-10 years in a state prison. He was also fined $25,000 plus the costs of prosecution. The picture to the left is Cosby leaving the courtroom in handcuffs. 

People are giving mix views on the outcome of this trail.  A lot of fans seem to think this case against Cosby started, due to him wanting to purchase NBC. 

My personal opinion on this matter: I don't wish rape on anyone, and feel like if this took place, yes the person should be punish but what about people like our President, Charlie Sheen and others that have the more calm approach.  I feel like they take our African American people and try to make an example out of us.  They're sending him to a state prison, where you ha someone who raped and beat a disable African American girl and got off with probation.  This should be an eye opener but is it?

Cardi B and Nick Minaj ​9/8/2018

Are we surprised??? Cardi gave so any warnings. When she was pregnant, she let a lot slide. Some of what she calls "Sneak Dissing" Cari never said Nicki's name but it was pretty obvious, who she was talking about. Well Cardi had time during New York's Fashion week.  She reportedly seen Nick Minaj and went off. Rumor has it, Nicki liked a post insinuating Cardi B is an unfit parent.  The kicker is, Nicki has a new best friend and that's Rah Ali.  Rah use to be friends with Remy and they fell out.  When Remy dropped her diss tract about Nicki, Nicki quickly friend Rah. Rah apparently was doing most of the "getting buck" while Nicki, was just Nicki.

Cardi took to instagram with stating "I've let a lot of shit slide! I let you sneak diss me, I let you lie on me, I let you attempt to stop my bags, fuck up the way I eat! You've threaten other artists in the industry, told them if they work with me you'll stop fuckin with them!!! I let you talk big shit about me!! I addresses you once in person, I addressed you a second time in person, and every time you copped the plea!! But when you mention my child, you choose to like comments about me as a mother, make comments about my abilities to take care of my daughter is when all bets are fuckin off!! I've worked to hard and come too far to let anybody fuck with my success!!!! Bitches talk all that shit in they raps but in real life they pussy!! This shit really is for entertainment!!"

This isn't the first time, it's been said, Nicki out here stopping bags.  I hope these ladies can figure it out.

LHH Aftermath

Peter Gunz is no longer on Love and Hip Hop New York, however the drama continues.  Peter is not only known for rap but his baby mama feuds with Amina and Tara. Everything calmed down between the three but now Peter moved on to much younger things.  He is now rumored to be engaged to an 18 year old. He went live and Amina had time today! She started commenting on Peter's live, saying how he wont turn the divorce papers in and she throw salt by saying she's going to attend the wedding with the kids and her new man. Ouch! Peter why and what can you possibly see in an 18 year old?

How much is to much?

Trouble in "Baby Mama" paradise! Looks like Nia Guzman, Chris Brown baby Mama, is filing for a massive increase in child support payments. Chris is already paying her $2500 plus $4K. Due to court documents showing Chris made $4.2 million in the last two years, she could be entitled to receive $21K per month.

Can we call it quits?

Rumor surfaced last week, that Kim Kardashian-West, slept with Drake. Kim however, shut those rumors down. Shorty after Kim shutting the rumors down between her and Drake. Kanye apologizes to Drake over 'Lift Yourself' Beat, Pusha-T Diss track. I guess things were starting to heat up a little to much, in the West home.

Fury Hip Hop~

FURY is a hip hop artist from Chicago. She has opened for Rah Digga (Ski Mask Way Tour). She has also curated and hosted shows that celebrate women in music ( Ladies First and Queendom Come). Her music focuses on delivering positive messages with high intensity music and incredible lyricism. She has been compared to artists such as Queen Latifah, Eve, Lauryn Hill, and Tupac

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The album focuses on the journey of being a black woman in America: the constant battle to remain true to yourself in a society that often forces stereotypes and preconceived notions on others before even getting to know them. This especially rings true for women in hip hop, and specifically women of color in hip hop. It is about digging deep and finding the magic within that makes you unique and powerful.

Check out my Interview with Fury on Itunes-Spotify "Queen V Blog"

Mel B

Yikes! Former Spicy Girl "Scary Spice"and Eddie Murray's baby momma, plans to enter rehab to address PTSD, Alcohol and sexual addictions following heated divorce. Mel b a sex addict, I would have never thought! A close source to Mel B, said she slept with three guys in one day, due to bitter divorce from Stephen Belafonte.  Mel B is also working on a book called "Brutally Honest", apparently the book, made her realize she needs help.  She also said the drinking comes from her trying to numb her pain.

Hope everything works out for Mel b.

Tamar Braxton News

The streets are always talking! Rumor has it, Tamar been in the LA streets, with a mystery man. People question, whats taken place with her and estranged husband Vincent Herbert!? Well singer Tamar Braxton took to Instagram and confirmed her and Vincent are over and she's awaiting finalization of her divorce.

Birthday Behavior

Kandi Burruss, surprised daughter Riley Burruss with a new Porsche   for her birthday.

Max Lomas found Dead

Max Lomas, who found Bobbi Kristina Brown in tub, dies from possible overdose, reports say.  Max was only 29, and found dead in Mississippi.  A Friend said he was found with a syringe nearby. The toxicology test was done and results are expected within six days.

Hennessy Carolina now carrying a wagon!

Cardi B's sister Hennessy made a post yesterday, wearing a swimsuit and some fans are raising their eyebrows at the picture.  When Cardi b and Hennessy started out on LHHNY, she was looking a little slim back there.  Fans took to her comment section asking, where did her a$% come from.  One fan went toe to toe with her, pointing out the injection mark but Hennessy however said this is from her scratching a mosquito bite. It is what it is, it's her body, allow her to live.  Maybe she's been doing squats?!

Shots fired!

The heat was out and I'm not talking about 50 Cent or 6ix9ine! During Uncle Murda's "Get The Strap" video shoot featuring 50, 69 and Casanova; it was interrupted by GUNFIRE! Reports doesn't state how close the gunman was to the set.  No one was hit and police are currently investigating the incident. Who was the target? That's a question why all would like to know.

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor explains why she dropped from the tour! She also calls Jeremiah a "Drama Queen"

Another one bites the dust!

Basketballs Wives LA just can't get right.  This show is slowly but shortly coming to an end.  Last week, I reported Jennifer Williams quitting in the middle of recording but rumor has it, she wasn't the only one.

This season was rocky for Tami Roman, we witness the fake love shown to her and laughs behind her back. Tami decided to fight back a different way and that was exposing Jennifer and Evelyn Lozada.  She decided to share a text message from Jenn, stating her friend Evelyn slept with one of Shunie's ex's. Messy, right?! Well that's not the end of the messy business, Tami accused Evelyn of lien about the domestic violence she went through.  Ouch, that was extreme but did they push her to this point?  Rumor has it, Tami left in the middle of recording the reunion and apologized to Evelyn for the controversy.

Nicki Minaj VS Safaree

Woke up this morning to some incredible unexpected "Drama" between ex lovers! Nicki and DJ Self had a little falling out and Mariah Lynn jumped in by saying Safaree told me a lot about you.  This didn't settle well with the Brabz "Queen" so she took to twitter.  They say it's always two sides to every story.  Was Safaree completely honest? Nicki accused him of stealing her credit cards and begging to go to Europe with her. Safaree replied saying how she tried to cut and kill him.  This is overall messy messy!

Brooke Valentine-Love and Hiphop Hollywood

Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood kicked off last week.  Brooke joined the cast last season and I am happy to see her on this season.  I've never been a huge fan of R&B because I am a Hiphop head but I have my few favorites and Brooke's one of them.

The second episode Brooke, consulted a Doctor for getting a breast reduction.  When she arrived to have her breast examined, she received unwanted news.  They found benign tumors and she will have to have surgery to remove the Mass.  

Bow Wow News

Lil Bow Wow isn't little anymore, well his actions may make him a lack maturity but in all actuality he's a grown man. This is not his first negative spend in the Media and probably won't be his last.

He goes by Shad Moss now and not Bow Wow or "Lil" Bow Wow. Shad took to Instagam and made a post "Sending my fans money today! I don't want it. This money is evil. Maybe y'all can do some good with it...enjoy! I've already started cash apping. You don't have to like me or love me just know I'm paying you guys back for all the BS I've put you through. I owe ya'll" So after I seen this post, of course I jumped into Bow Wow's DM but I didn't receive any funds in my Cash App lol. He had me with that but he continued posting "Ima quit all this shit. Down size my home. Sale everything. And go work at gamestop. Id probably be the happiest man in the world. trade my cars in and buy a PROBE" yikes this fool really want to get rid of it all, I don't think he realize the people who struggle on the regular. They can look at him like he is selfish and ungrateful. This wasn't the end of his rants, Shad finally Rant was "I hate you Fu^king bloggers too! [email protected]#$%R%^m I [email protected] with. All you other gossiping ass hateful FU%K YOU! your comment section F&CK YOU! SMASH OR PASS BULLSH!T I WOULDNT FUCK YOU UGLY I SHOP AT LANE BRYANT BITC%ES EVER! FU*K YOU!!" Can we say Kanye West, like there's obviously some kind of problem here. Get it together "Bow Wow" it's never that serious.

Delaware's Trapstock

Sunday July 29, 2018, Cardi B's Publicist and owner of Cream agency Patientce, threw one of the biggest 'Day parties' in the Urban community.  Patiectce wanted to throw this party to represent where she's from. The event was originally located in Wilmington, Delaware but last minute was relocated to Middletown, Delaware.  She took to instagram stating the reason for relocation was due to the amount of people who ordered their tickets on line. Some say the reason was due to her liquor license wasn't in order!

I arrived at to the venue around 2PM,  the evet was set to start at 2pm.  However, I was a little to early because they weren't finished setting up. When I arrived I went to the front to check in  because I was on the Media list.  Everyone was nice and I wish I could remember  the young lady's name with the box braids because she was on top of everything.  She made me feel welcomed and apologized for the everything. She was polite!  The venue was beautiful and the location was perfect. Everything kicked off around 4pm "ish" and it was all good! When it comes to parties, celebrities or whatever.  Someone will always find something wrong. Patientce to me is a hustler, she worked along side of her staff and ran around making sure everything was in order.

People came from all over the Tri-State area and everyone got along great. No disagreements, no fights, nothing but smiles.  So honestly not having alcohol the whole time, actually paid off, if I say so myself.  The music was great and everyone dance and chat the whole time. The overall Trapstock turned out great! People have to understand, nothing will ever be perfect and this was her first time. She mentioned how different people gave her issues to try and shut Trapstock down! She pushed through that all! So when she say she delivered, she did! I enjoyed myself and the late start didn't hinder the overall success of Trapstock. 

Del-A-What! Yes Delaware

Just when you thought Delaware night life was fading away, someone comes and saves the day. Delaware is such a small state and often overlooked besides reports based on crime.  Owner of 'The Cream Agency', Cardi B's  Publicist and owner of Vixated Salon, Patientce; is bringing fire to this little state called Delaware. The biggest 'Day Party ever' and she's calling it Trapstock, no not Woodstock but Trapstock. When people become famous or on a higher level, it's always good seeing them either give back to their community or bring attention to their community. Patientce is doing just that. This party will bring different food trucks, entertainment, activities and not one but three DJ's. It's 'Finna" to be lit in Delaware. 

Delaware is like the movie 'What Lies Beneath', I say this because we have hidden talent here but often go unnoticed.  This party will put Delaware on the map.

Promises were made and it looks like she's keeping them. So many tickets were sold for Trapstock, the original venue was canceled and a larger location will be announced the day before the party! You girl Queen V will be in the building doing live broadcast and onsite interviews.  This is something you don't want to miss!

Karlie Redd Engaged

This engagement took everyone by surprise! If you tuned in this season for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, the reunion show just came on Monday and things seem to be spicing up with Karlie and Young Joc.  She even teased and said she wants a boy by her cast member.  This morning I read about this news and though maybe it was Young Joc who popped the question; but it wasn't! Apparently Karlie's been dating Arkansas for a few months and he popped the question.  Karlie obviously said yes! Fans took to social media, calling him a cracked out Lyfe Jennings. 

In My Feelngs

The Shiggy show has a huge reason to be in his feelings this morning. Shiggy started a #shiggychallenge, which is a dance to “In my feelings” by Drake. Drake said since the challenge, his song hit #1 and he thanked Shiggy for contributing to that. He also gifted him with $250K, wow talking about winning. He also took time out to party with Shiggy!

Still going strong

Well well, looks like Reginae Carter finally broke her silence after break up rumors surface last month. She made a post on Instagram saying "Same Shii, different day'"with a picture of her and YFN Lucci Boo'ed up!

50 Cent VS Teairra Mari

50 Cent isn’t one to back down when it comes to “BEEF” and he doesn’t care what Race, Gender or age you are, when it comes to beefing with him. In this case, his new victim is Teairra Mari. This beef started after a sex tape leaked of Love and Hip Hop cast member Teairra. She attempted to sue 50 due to his repost of the video and trolling her after it was release. The judge didn’t grant Teairra justice in this case because she said, the pictures isn’t enough proof to sue 50 because you can’t tell what’s on her face. In this vide, you see Milan (her friend) and alleged ex Akbar, confronting her about the tape. They’re accusing her of leaking her own tape for a storyline.

City girls

City Girls just dropped album “Period” and fans went crazy. Hit I’ll take your man, remade by the duo. The album literally took everyone to Ratchet heaven, that’s how hood, dope it is! Although they are popping right about now, they must now place their career on hold because member JT begins serving her jail sentence do to fraud chargers. The charges consist of credit card charges! She confirms by saying "Did more than I thought I could imagine in this short period of time out on bond. Now it's time for me to knock this down and come back strong forever. Hold my baby down y'all," she wrote. She’s currently being held in Miami’s Federal Detention center.

Blac Chyna Moved On

Blac Chyna left 18-year-old boyfriend and moved on to 19-year-old Boxer Devin Haney. Reports are stating they’ve been dating for “Months”?! Hmmm she was just with…. Whatever, it’s Hollywood! People are calling it a love preference, while I am calling it a Date Line Service. I’ve said before on my Blog, I feel like her and Amber Rose, has some type of “Buzz” service. Where they date people for a short timeframe; to help with their upcoming career and or albums. Think about it, it makes sense. Queen V said it and this is only my opinion.

Hip Hop Beef

DJ Akademiks claims Drake told him, his new album “Scorpion” will address Pusha T Beef! I guess we can call this a Nicki move. Such a delay response, shows proof of ghost writer and Drake obviously took the “L” in this Rap war!

Bill Cosby

Breaking News- Bill Cosby fired his whole legal team! Apparently- they didn’t do their job and Bill wasn’t feeling that, so they had to go!

During the same news, Camille filed for a divorce! I’m sure we seen this coming. I’m okay with the #Metoo movement but the only thing I questions are some of their intentions. Bill Cosby’s problems, started when he wanted to buy NBC. #IJS When Bill Cosby verdict was announced, I already predicted Camile filing for divorce, but not for the reasons at hand. The overall reason, would be for her to have ownership over Bill’s assets. That’s smart and I’m sure she will continue to be by Bill’s side.

Rumi & Sir Carter

Fans where rushing to the area for On the run tour 2! People paid and they received an amazing gift from Beyoncé and Jay Z.  They allowed their fans into their world and debut their beautiful healthy twins! The whole world is madly in love with this family!

Randy Jackson throwing Salt!

This custody battle between Super star Janet Jackson and Ex Wissiam Al Mana, is turning messy. It was just reported that Janet called the cops and requested they check on son Eissa because she was concerned for his safety with Father Wissiam. 

Randy Jackson is throwing salt in the game! He added to this custody battle and said Wissiam uses drugs.  Randy also mention the Nany stating she was frighten by "terrified by his behavior and locked herself in a bathroom so she could contact Janet." Randy reported this story. 

Jesse Williams

How much is to much when it comes to children? Well in this case Jesse's estranged wife thinks $50,695 isn't enough per month for child support.  She is requesting it's increased to $73,369 per month! I reported this before but she provided a reason for the increase.  She states, she wants to save for their children college fund. I don't think she realize she's making $608.340 a year and I'm wondering what she's contributing.  Jesse stated in court documents "exaggerates many of our expenses and the children's needs, while also lumping her personal expenses as expenses for the children."

for $25,000 per month in college savings. He continues stating

"We agreed that our children should live a simple life without wasting money on extravaganza,"

"A constant theme throughout our divorce proceedings has been Aryn marginalizing me as a father and frustrating my custodial timeshare with the children," Williams adds in the documents. "Aryn continues to engage in this type of behavior and punish me for having a career and working hard to provide for our family." Sheesh, i hope they work this out!


Wow! This caught everyone by surprise! Jessica Dime "Piece", took to Instagram Story to post a video of her baby girl in a rocking chair, wearing Unicorn slippers.  How adorable and I am so happy for Jessica!

Lil Uzi Vert

Whats Beef? Rap beef is really popular right now but never did I expect to see Lil Uzi Vert, rolling up on Rich the Kid. Rich the kid takes shots on social media here and there, but Lil Uzi had enough.  He rolled up on Rich the kid on South Street to confront him. Take a look at the video!

Welp Talking about babies!

So Rumor has it: This beautiful baby girl is Carmelo Anthony's baby! Remember that rumor that surface awhile back, saying Carmelo got a stripper pregnant and then the story kind of vanished.  Welp, this is the baby and I must say, I see the resemblance!

Tami Roman making her Wave 5/29/2018

This young lady started on"The Real World" , I remember being young and hearing people talking about a girl who had an abortion on the show.  She became the talk of reality TV and appeared back on reality TV on Basketball Wives LA, Tami came through with a strong personality but also allowed so many to understand and relate to her story.  She became famous! People related  to her for her realness on the show and being able to talk about her struggle as a single parent.  Tami appeared in and directed movies/short films.  She took her appearance on these shows and turned it into something so positive.  Because of her strive and dedication to herself, she has a new show coming to "TV", called The Trillbillies! This show is a spin from the old show Beverly Hillbillies. 

Drake News

So, much going on with your Boy Drake this week and different rumors spreading, along with pictures dropping.  To clear up one rumor about Drake being a dead beat father, after getting a Porn Star pregnant and pretty much not hearing nothing else about the baby until Pusha T album dropped.  Drake reportedly met with his alleged son and he spent Christmas with him.

Pusha T ​5/30/2019

Drama Drama in the hip-hop world once again! Pusha T dropped his Dayton last week. Fans are here for it but a lot of controversy over Whitney Houston’s scene, where she overdosed, is used as the cover. Whitney’s brother, however approves the cover. The first thing in my mind, was Bobbi Kristina heart ache, after finding her Mom in the tub Dead.

Pusha T is apparently on one this week and took to Instagram and made a post about Drake. Stating “The Story of Adidon” will be told. The picture he posted, was of Drake, with his face painted black! Pusha T made it very clear, this picture isn’t edited and this is Drakes truths. Instagram wasn’t here for the Drake bashing and removed Pusha T’s post.

Roseanne Sow Cancels ​5/29/2018

Talk about a fast reboot! Everyone was so excited for 2018 reboot of The Roseanne Show.  Looks like Roseanne let her fans down, when she took to twitter making a distasteful joke about Valerie Jarrett.  Cast members such as Wanda Sykes took to twitter stating she will not return to Roseanne show. Channing Dungey, President of ABC Entertainment Group, was not here for the tweet and she straight cancelled the show! Roseanne however is blaming her comments on sleeping pills..... 

The Royal Wedding

The Royal wedding is approaching and there’s some new updates for the Royal couple! Meghan Markle confirmed her Dad Thomas Markle will not attend her Royal wedding. “Sadly, my father will not be attending our wedding. I have always cared for my father and hope he can be given the space he needs to focus on his health,” she said. She wishes him space to focus on his health.

Cardi B

Cardi B apologizes for the Controversial “Girls” Collaboration with  Rita Ora, Charlie Xcx and BeBe Rexha.


These two are non-stop! They continue to make post and speaking on incident they claim took place. 69 is now accusing Trippie for messing with the “Catch me outside, how about that girl”, who he states is a little girl.

Young MA News

How dope is she! Young MA held a Brunch on Mother's day for Mother's who's child was affect by Gun Violence.   


This is nothing new when it comes to Azealia Bank’s attacks. Her new target is Cardi B and people are shocked by her behavior. So, many fans questioned Bank’s insecurities when it comes to her attacking women of color. She went after Beyoncé, Nicki, Star and Remy Ma to name a few! Here’s a slide showing her tweets and post to Cardi B. Cardi replied and removed herself from Instagram!

Cardi B' what's going on here???

ROBIN THICK"E"​5/11/2018

If you follow my IG @Queen_V_Blog, I call this a Peek-A-Boo post!! I see Meek loving Rihanna's recent post....I mean shorty is "Bad"-Bad Gal Ri Ri!

Video's of the Week ​5/11/2018

Blac Chyna's Mom

She really isn't here for Blac Chyna's new love interest! Which how she low key agrees with the DC dude about YBN being a punk!

Snoop Dogg Vs Woah Vicky

Wait is this beef real? Someone need to inform Woah Vicky to respect her elders and have serval seats!

Blac Chyna and Jay ​5/11/2018

Blac Chyna is celebrating her 30th birthday today! Many wishes to you and her youthful boyfriend, made a lovely post about her! They are really in love!

50 Cent Instagram update! ​05/10/2018

Yesterday 50 Cent took to Instagram, stating he is removing himself from IG and going back to Twitter. I took a poll on my @Queen_V_Blog Instagram to see how many people believed him and only 33% said yes! Well of course he can't stay away, he have to much promotion to do! He made six blank post, saying nothing in the caption.  I believe this is his way of telling us all, he's watching but don't have nothing to say right now. Wonder how long this will last?...

Bad Boy Release date!   ​5/10/2018 10AM

Date finally in for you Bad Boy Fans!! Can't wait to see Martin and Will on a screen again! Welp it's not coming this year but not to far to go! January 17, 2020! 

Rumor Has it!

Teairra Mari Sex Tape Leaked


Jay Z and Eminem are both suing Weinstein Company. Jay Z states the company owes him at least $480,000 JAY’s payments allegedly pertain to the Peabody-wining docuseries “TIME: The Kalief Browder Story” and the upcoming series “Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story.” Did you know Jay Z signed a two-year first look with the company? This past March, TWC filed for bankruptcy, months after co-founder Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment and assault. Eminem lawsuit is for 2015 movie Southpaw, which featured several original Eminem songs, he is the executive producer for the soundtrack. Eminem allege he is owed $352,000!


Let the Roasting Begin

50 Cent takes to Instagram to clown A$AP Rocky for his Fashion Sense! We all know Fif don't hold back when it comes to calling someone out and he doesn't let up! 50 Cent is like that "Love hate relationship" that you just can't get enough of but one thing for sure, he doesn't switch up!

Met Gala 2018 Vibes

What in the Blog world is going on here? Two beautiful beefing Queens caught talking and taking selfies during Met Gala 2018! A lot of speculations wondering if this was a publicity stunt between the two or did they confront each other during this time. The Bodak Yellow "G" looks like she's apologizing to the Pink "Barbie" by the looks of this picture. Cardi B so far, strike me as a down to earth humble person and talk wild in her songs but have a overall good heart.  Nicki on the other hand, hmmm I don't see her stepping to her first because she really takes the Queen role to the next level. Overall i am happy to see these two "Queens" speaking to one another, women unity is everything.

Teyana and Iman

Social Media is going “Wild” over power couple Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert break up rumors. The season finale of their show was this past Monday 4.30. The show pretty much showe the unconditional love the two have for one another and Teyana’s ratchet ways lol but we love it! It seems to be a VH! Thing, every celebrity couple that goes on the show happy, have a rumor or two following. Look at Remy Ma and Pap, Tammy and Waka and Lil Mo and her Hubby.

The overall rumor surface, making allegations of Iman cheating on Teyana. Allegations were made that the two-split due to Iman cheating. Teyana and Iman took to social media to deny the rumors. See video on my Instagram page @Queen_V-Blog!

Kanye West-Slave is a choice!!! What


Tekashi 6ix9ine loses $4.9 Million Headphone Sponsorship. This deal was signed last month, Tekashi was appearing as one of the brand’s exclusive spokespeople. So, according to the company, Tekashi involvement in last weekend Barclays Center Shooting was an alarm for them to drop the Hip-Hop artist! They made a statement "at this time it is in the best interest of our company to move on. We wish him well, he's a great artist." But get this, the company is still partnering with Blac Chyna.

50 Cent vs Jim Jones

Age is just a number when it comes to 50 Cent’s petty post! 50 Cent is that Ex that you hate but love at the same time. He will keep you entertained but some people find 50Cent as a Bully. In fact, a lot of people may look at him that way but I take it, he’s simply trying to stay relevant and mastered what works for him and that trolling anyone, who rubs him the wrong way. Well let’s just say Jim Jones from Roc Nation/Dipset, isn’t here for 50 cent bullying humor. He recently posted on Instagram ”Sombody tell @50cent I appreciate all th free publicity but if he don't stop this is gonna go on forever lol ps I don't know how I feel about u keep posting another grown man on ur page this like th 3rd time u posted me lol chill I ain't like tht lol” and of course it didn’t take long for 50 to respond “I️ wish you Harlem niggas would try me shit. l be looking all in them buildings for y’all niggas🤨😡get the strap”

Hopefully they are just entertaining us and this doesn’t go outside of Instagram!

Remember XO?

Celina Powell, the woman accusing Offset of fathering her child.  BTW we have yet to see! Took to Instagram live with more allegations.  This time she's saying the DNA results are in and Offset from the Migo's "is the father" , Hmmmm ....


Janelle can out as Pansexual, in an interview with Rolling Stone she said “Being a black Queer woman in America…Someone who has been in relationships with both men and women—I consider myself to be free%%motherf**ker,” .

The reason she's associating with being Pansexual because after reading up on it, she said....this is her. For those who don't know, Pansexual is: not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. 


Cardi B former manager, Klenord “Shaft” Raphael, is suing Cardi B for $10M! Yikes, he states Cardi b breached their contract when she started dating Offset and sign with his team. Shaft said that his team and his team of writers are behind “Bodak Yellow” and that success was his creation. 

Shaft discovered Cardi B in 2015, he said since then he started developing her music career and public image. Shaft also played a part with her getting on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop New York and helping create her public image. He’s very happy for Cardi B but shocked she will freeze him out her career. Shaft also name Cardi B’s new management team in lawsuit.  

Kelis dropped the "Ball"

The Media is on fire about new allegations towards Hip Hop legend Nas. Recently we were all made aware of the feud between Kelis and Nas; in their recent custody battles. Fans were in an uproar with Kelis because of the demands and restrictions se put on Nas seeing their son. So many, questioned if she was a “Bitter Baby Momma” or if she was out for his money. Well Kelis did an interview, reveling Nas wasn’t only “Mentally” abusive but also Physical.

In her interview with Hollywood Unlock, she said "I have edited myself for nine years and I woke up this morning and said, 'not today,' " Kelis recalled nights, where abuse would take place and in the morning, it was like nothing never happened. Kelis also mentioned feeling empathy for Rihanna "I remember so clearly when the pictures came out with that whole thing that happened with her and Chris Brown. And the only way I can describe it was like double-dutch. I felt like, 'Do I jump in? Do I say it?' Cause I had bruises all over my body at that time," she says. "That day, I remember being in Atlanta sitting in the kitchen and I wasn't ready to walk."

So my thoughts on this matter: Let’s keep in mind Nas recently filed protracted custody and apparently this caused her to speak out!


America’s Dad bill Cosby was found guilty on all three counts in indecent assault: Drugging and molesting woman. Jury decided today! Wow just like that Bill Cosby is now looked at as a Rapist and don’ get me wrong, if they allegations are legit, yes he is wrong but so many questions when it comes to this “Hollywood” style living. So many people out to get you for money, you don’t know what’s true or false?! The jury obviously did and apparently, the evidence provided, help them come up with a verdict. Bill is set to serve up to 33 years in prison. So, I guess we can say bye to The Cosby Show!

I guess overall we can say "Justice was served"

District Attorney of Sacramento County 

Stephon Clark is just one of many who have been a victim of Police brutality, ending in DEATH. Clark was 22-year-old, in the backyard of his own home on March 18th, they shot him S I X times, mistaken identity. Different Law Enforcement groups gave over $400K to the DA deciding whether to bring charges against the cops who killed Stephon! Donations were statewide! The thing I would never understand, is the straight-out racism in the world. The KKK moved to the men in Blue! They are literally attacking us, every chance they get. When will this change? Our new President, will not step in and demand for a change.

So, I did a little research on my own and I found out, so many Cities/States need Police Officers. My conclusion to this madness:

• The lack of training

• Rushing the process

Someone need to take a stand! Where’s our Martin Luther King Jr. right now!!!????? Caren Turner, told the police off. Talked to them like crap and she walked away with no bruises, wasn’t arrested and or talked to like trash. They listened to her, like she was their Mother! Kanye West just sided with the Devil himself and we have the new generation slavery taking place on TV every day!

Kanye West 'Rants"

Kanye went MIA and everyone wanted him back on the music scene. He started recently tweeting, New albums and projects he’s been working on! Everyone was excited and shocked that he’s producing NAS new album but excited Kanye is back! His fans were concerned about his mental health and seeing his tweets, like yes the old Kanye about to snap. Well that turned around fast. Kanye started tweeting how he likes Trump, followed be a tweet insinuating he’s running for 2024 Presidency. He retweeted a post from Jess Hilarious and said “I am very woke Jess. I respect what you do. The ship has sunken. Don’t rock the boat. The need for laughter is near. Chocolate just isn’t sweet anymore. We need more bottles. #2024” WTF Mr. West, what is going on here. So, you are in so many words, saying you don’t like black women and you want more fake bodies in this world. I don’t know if you know this, but Kim purchased her “Bottle” along with 90% of the women in the industry. This isn’t teaching your young followers to love who they are! So, after this Tweet, he followed up by saying Barack Obama didn’t do anything for Chicago but what did he do for Chicago? Oh, I believe Obama was responsible for the who country Sir. Kanye is lost, I don’t know where the bump in the road started, I want to say this all started with his Mother passing but would she okay this? I can’t blame the Kardashian’s because Kanye, is Kanye! I wonder if people will start “Boycotting” Mr. West, like they’re quick to Boycott everyone else….


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Oh No! Will Offset be the father of Two Newborns?

If you follow my Instagram @Queen_V-Blog, you will know “Celina Powell” isn’t new to the industry scandal. She is known as the Industry Thot, yes I know this is harsh but she’s lied on so many male celebrities and almost came between Waka and Tammy. Well a few months ago, she announced being pregnant by Cardi B’s fiancé Offset from the Migo’s. She said she’s have a baby girl and naming her Karma. She posted a picture two months ago, showing her holding a baby. Her caption said, you came early. Everyone was in an uproar because, her baby looked far from a premature baby! She also posted some questionable photo’s prior to giving birth, of her baby bump. That’ looked rather fake, if I say so myself. Well we now have an update on the DNA test, well a slight update. Results will be in, in two weeks…. Only time will tell! Right….


So, Kanye is on a rampage lately with his tweet’s and this one tweet have his fans in a uproar, wondering if the once isolated rapper is running for President in 2024! This isn’t the first-time Kanye mentioned running for President in 2024 and he was also seen before with President Trump. So let’s just wait and see…..


Rapper Meek Mill’s was released from prison yesterday, after being held for 5 months after a controversial sentence for violating probation. The Supreme Court ordered an immediate release for Meek earlier part of Tuesday. Meek responds to his release "I'd like to thank God, my family, my friends, my attorneys, my team at Roc Nation including JAY-Z, Desiree Perez, my good friend Michael Rubin, my fans, The Pennsylvania Supreme Court and all my public advocates for their love, support and encouragement during this difficult time," "While the past five months have been a nightmare, the prayers, visits, calls, letters and rallies have helped me stay positive."Meek told CNN. When Meek was released, of course his city was on 100! Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, was there to pick him up and take him straight to the game. The Sixers won last night, so I know Philly was on one!!! Exciting!

Meek plans to bring awareness to those who were wrongly convicted "I think what the support did is bring the overall problem of the criminal justice reform that's needed to light," Meek told CNN in an interview Tuesday. "There's so many other people that have been wrongfully convicted."

Danielle Bregoli

Danielle Bregoli who goes by Bhad Bhabie became famous from her “Catch me Outside How about that” on Dr Phil. She is now a booming rapper and nominated for Billboard Music Award. She was just recently on social media trying to fight Woah Vicky and Lil Tay. Check the video out on my Instagram page! Although she comes with heavy drama, we can’t say she’s not winning. She announced her world tour today!

Nicki News

Nicki Minaj to perform on SNL season finale hosted by Tina Fey!

Do you think Khole is heading back to LA?

Sources say Kris Jenner was spotted headed back to LA with a Mysterious person who was covered, head to toe! Sources believe this person is Khole Kardashian.  Hmmm, honestly I feel like Khole should leave, after Tristan was exposed. A dog will always be a dog and I would run now, while it's the beginning.

R& B Singer Usher Got it "Bad"

Usher Raymond $4.2 million home was burglarized for $820K in cash and Jewelry! Let’s just call the artist “Can’t get right”, after allegations from different victims, stating he gave them herpes to this…Not to mention, they also took his security cameras, so there’s no way of tracing the Perv! This sounds like an inside job to me, just my opinion because they left with every security camera…unless they were all in plain sight. I hope everything work out for Usher!​

Starbucks Taking Action

After two African American men, were arrested for waiting inside of Starbucks. Starbucks is set to close 8,000 stores on May 29 to conduct a Racial-Bias training. 


Funk Flex takes to social media to blast Cardi B. He accused her of having someone write her lyric’s and warned her by saying, turn your comments off! No this is funny to me because in the same Live post, he went to give Nicki props. This is surprising because just like he came for Cardi, he did the same to Nicki but worst. How do you go from calling someone out to saying they surprised you with their recent tracks, that BTW sound like a typical Nicki track? Right! I must say I am disappointed with Funk Flex because I always admire his ear for Hip Hop. To me it seems like this was a “PAID” post because Nicki isn’t holding that #1 and #2 spot anymore. If you notice, when her tracks dropped, not too many people were posting like they did Cardi b. People hopped Nicki’s train a day or two later and I believe someone from her camp, reached out to people! I believe Funk was paid….IJS

Queen V


A few months ago, K Michelle decided she wanted to go by Kimberly and no longer by her stage K Michelle. This transformation process involved "K' undergoing surgery to have her butt reduced...meaning her injections reverse.  Last week she had a little scar and she was in the hospital getting a blood transfusion. She took to Instagram, sharing how scared she was and didn't know the outcome. She just went through her second surgery and states everything went just fine.

I wonder if this would be an inspiration to young female growing up.  Meaning, knowing it doesn't take a big butt to complete you and the battles you may possibly go through, when you decide you're over it! So many woman expose nothing but big butts on social media, as if this is something you must have, to make you beautiful or trend.  To me no one is unique anymore.  Everyone is starting to look exactly the same and I am kind of over it! I am raising two girls and speak nothing but beauty into them every day.  I let them know the importance of loving yourself and not following behind others.  I truly hope women can take heed to her story and just be yourself!

Queen V

Tristan Thompson Dad Threatens to publish a "Tell it All Book"

So we're all up to date on the cheating rumors of Tristan Thompson and TMZ leaking a video from a Hookah Lounge.  The video involved him and two women making out.  This video supposedly took place when Khole was just three months pregnant! Yikes and it followed with someone seeing him, walk into the Four Season with another female. Hmmm maybe he just wants to be free but this isn't the first time Tristan acted in this manner.  Apparently, his ex was pregnant when he ditched her for Khole. They say Karma is a Bi%ch but no one deserves to be cheated on.

Tristan Dad, Trevor who he once called a Dead Beat father.  Well I guess we can call this a pay back because he is now threatening to spill the his sons dirty laundry but what does he really know? He claims to have a big big story on what took place between Tristan cheating scandal on Khole.  I believe Trevor is trying to catch a new check and trend....


The cult claims are not dying down but increasing for R&B legend R Kelly! Woman claims Kelly gave her an STD and groomed her to join sex cult. The allege woman is stating, her and Kelly dated for 8 months (however Kelly denies this relationship). The girl was reportedly 19 years of age when the two hooked up. Merritt, the victims lawyer states “These offenses occurred while our client was being groomed to join Kelly’s sex cult,” That’s not it, R Kelly’s ex Kitti Jones, says “R. Kelly: Sex, Girls and Videotapes” that the singer sexually abused her while they dated from 2011 to 2013 beginning when she was 27 and he was 44.

Please keep in mind, these are allegations

Queen V 

Braxton Drama

DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! Tamar recently got into it with estrange husband Vincent in her condo.  This past Tuesday Tamar and Vincent got into an heated argument at her condo. Due to this argument, Vincent was escorted out Tamar's home and he isn't allowed no where near her place.  Well come to find out, he's paying for the condo.....Because of all the drama, Toni said oh hell no! That drama isn't invited on her tour, so she informed Tamar she can't tour with her! Yikes.

Mariah Carey

Mariah just came out about having Bipolar but the news doesn’t end there. Mariah Carey former manager is suing for Civil Rights Violations. She said Mariah screwed her over!!! Stella is pissed and filled legal documents, apparently, Mariah didn’t not pay her after all the crisis she fixed for her but the suit does involve more than just money. Yikes hoping, she doesn’t snap-crackle and pop


Cardi B bringing sexy to all the pregnant women across the country right now. She is not holding back and showing not only can you win as a woman but it doesn’t stop when you become pregnant. Talk about twerking and dancing across the stage. Cardi B also paid respect to TLC by rocking their style, from her hair to her outfit. This is the respect you give to legends!!!!! I am all here for Cardi B #Shewinning

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T.I. Partners With BET For New Competition Series 'The Grand Hustle'


Jesse Williams Estrange wife is asking for....

Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams wife says "$50K" is not enough for monthly child support. The celebrity Baby Momma's in this industry. I once questioned prenups but I now understand why this is important for celebrities to have because of situations like this! She's requesting for an additional $27K on top of the $59K she is now receiving.  Yikes! I guess she was living her best life, when she was with Jesse Williams, maybe she's trying to maintain does standards.

Meek Mills update!

So, Meek Mill should be released Monday after his court hearing. Yesterday Nicki's interview went live on Apple and she chimed in a little on Meek's case:

“I don’t wanna talk about legal things.” She divulged, “What I will say now is that.. I will say that the judge in question did everything I asked of her. So, I can’t badmouth her because I met her personally, and I know what she said to us. And he knows that, and I know that. But I wouldn’t wish jail on anybody.” Nicki added, “What made me shed tears the other day was seeing his mother cry.... She, during the relationship, was always so sweet to me.”

So her mentioning the judge did everything she asked and followed up by saying; He knows that. Makes me wonder if she was detailed on what he needs to stay away from. If that's the case, 10 years of probation is a little extreme but hey, who am I?!

Nicki Minaj

Who Created Trap Music??


Meek’s messy case continues! Why is he still in there? His Mom Kathy Williams open letter to the messed-up justice system.

Dear Lady Justice:

I was always taught — and always believed — that you, Lady Justice, were fair, impartial and balanced. That was until you took my son from me at the tender age of 19. His whole life he was struggling with the death of his father and the void of my presence since I worked three jobs to keep the lights on. In fact, he would hardly utter a word and mostly stayed quiet until he started rhyming.

My son was given a gift and he has been able to flourish with it, a gift that’s more like a savior. It has introduced him globally to many and given him opportunities to grow as a professional and as an individual. Like all of us, he has had ups and downs, but always pushes forward with hope and a sense of survival.

The problem is that the justice system has failed my son at every turn and hasn’t let go. You, Lady Justice, have allowed corruption at the highest levels of the system, and cruelty and spite have cast doubt on your very foundation. You are supposed to balance fairness and blindly always do what’s right, yet injustice has taken 11 years of our lives. My son had to choose between seeing his child and his mother in a hospital or going to prison. My son – who was 19 when he was introduced to the justice system – has been scarred physically and emotionally by your betrayal, and now you threaten his own son’s sense of security.

Today feels heavier because, now that the truth has finally been revealed, for some reason Lady Justice you are not weighing in. Where are you? The District Attorney and Governor Wolf had the courage to say let my son out of prison due to this injustice. You’ve taken his innocence and abused his pride. He’s suffered loss of family and freedom. No human being should know his truths and be accosted by lies and false judgment under your shelter.

I thank God for the humbling moments, when I’ve fallen to my knees and prayed for the strength to continue to help my son and for God’s Will to invoke compassion and courage for those who can do something about all this wrong.

You have wrongfully convicted a black man in prison, that is a profound reality in America. We have given you all the evidence and all the reasons his case is a symbol of the problem in our justice system.

On behalf of every mother whose son suffers the cruelty of unjust punishment, I now beg you to hear the words of the DA and the Governor and release my son.

Each time I talk to my son, he gives me the strength to carry on and promises me that upon his release he will fight for other men whose voices are not heard. Give him that chance.


Kathy Williams

Rick  Ross Hospitalized

Rick Ross reportedly hospitalized for heart related issues.  I'm sad to say Rozay is currently on life support!! Reports are saying but have yet to be confirmed.

William Roberts called, 911 at 3:34 a.m for emergency medical support, saying a person matching Ross' description was "unresponsive" "breathing heavy" and "slobbing out mouth"

Charlamagne Vs Mo'Nique

We are all aware of comedian and Oscar winner  Mo'Nique boycotting Netflix.  She's pretty much been doing interview tours, explaining her story.  She even made comments such as "Oprah and Lee Daniels" blackballing her and making her family suffer. She recently interviewed with The Breakfast Club and let's just say, she was not a happy camper after meeting with them.  She gathered her things fast and on the way out she turned to Charlamagne and said "You remember on the movie Birth The Nation when the brother took and walked his wife to the white man.  Your that brother" and she left out.  We are all aware that at times Charlamagne does the most, during his interviews.  He's like the male Wendy Williams; she taught him well. Different people took to twitter but one tweet that stood out was Chance The Rapper.  He reminded everyone of the show she did for a women's prison.  He also said he stands with Mo'Nique. 


My followers just hit 12K on Instagram and I am so stoked. In November I decided to re-brand my blog and put some stress behind. I changed my name and started my impressions fresh. Three months later, I have a super increase in followers and in impressions and I am so thankful. Everyone doesn't deserve to be apart of something you have passion for...some people like to use you and take credit for your ideas and so on. I am so thankful for my fan base.  This is just the beginning~


So, Tiffany Pollard “New York”, address rumors about her bleaching her skin. New York had the never to say, she STOPPED eating meat and smoking cigarettes. This is the reason her skin is now lighter. Just like that…. New York, girl stop the madness.


So, this ratchet mess, I don’t know where to start. Well let’s start by saying, they call themselves ratchet, don’t want anyone to take it wrong. TSMadision show ‘The Queens Court’ seem to be in a little frenzy. If you tuned in last week, the two “Ratchet Queens” LOL Well if you watched or caught a glimpse of their show, you will know why I continue to refer to Ratchet. They were set to interview Mo’nique about her whole Boycotting Netflix but production wasn’t on their side! The connection was bad and frustration showed in Khia’s face. She got up and left her partner to fin for herself. Honestly that’s not team work. Maddie continued trying to work with connection because to her this was a major deal, interviewing Mo. You can see khia walking back and saying I’ll call you. The following day Maddie found out she was blocked and Khia took to Live to call her out on her stuff. She wasn’t okay with the new stuff and wanted to remain the same but Maddie tried explaining their level of achievement. Maddie (TS Madision) took to YouTube and pretty much said she wanted to take their show to higher heights. She talked about other’s copying them and want to make sure they have “Rights” to their idea. Well it’s funny she mentioned that because before Queen V, I was with Gossip Queens. My ex-partner and I Vlog from my dining room table. I am sure, you’re probably wondering; why I am bringing this up. Well…my ex-partner (I was unable to attend, due to a wedding) interviewed Ts Madision before the interview, her camp wanted to know more about us, so we sent our YouTubes. My ex-partner interviewed her (you can look at video on YouTube under Gossip Queens 17) and shortly after her and Khia started interviewing from her dining room table. I sent Khia a DM about this and she blocked me on Instagram. My partner and I weren’t celebrities but I am 100% sure we added to their idea before changing over to a courtroom setting. IJS


Speaking of plastic surgery! In the celebrity world, this is a popular thing. People get a little taste of money and change things about themselves, they never liked to much. Well we all no “New York” who we all can agree paved the way for reality TV stars today. She gave us that comedy, crazy and passionate reality girl, on Flava Flav. New York changed her whole face and more. She went to the surgeons and said, give me that “NeNe Leakes package” because her nose looks exactly like Ne Ne! Now this isn’t contouring, this is a drastic change.

They Say Black Don't Crack

Well maybe in some but Glady’s case, they’re saying she had some plastic surgery done. Glady’s Knight took to Instagram defending herself. She states she has never had cosmetic surgery done to make herself look youthful. She said her husband has an eye for fashion and keeps her young with all the new looks. Let’s not forget “Contour” make up plays a factor in her looks these days. Well to each its own, you look good!

XXL Freshman Cover

So, XXL Magazine Freshman issue is out! Sorry but I am not here for this cover. The only person I would leave is Cardi B. I am not a fan of the placement of the artist, look where the placed the Brown Skin (African American) Artist, at the bottom. I would add Kash Doll on the Cover and TI son Domani Harris.

Bitter Baby Momma or Not?

Nas can’t get right, when it comes to Baby Momma Kelis! A lot of people are calling Kelis “Bitter” and at this point, I would have to agree. I am not against child support but at what point is it a little too extreme when it comes to these celebrities. Kelis not to long ago, didn’t want Nas to see Knight, due to his relationship with Nicki. She said the company he’s around pretty much isn’t for their child. Today she’s stating that $8K a month isn’t cutting it for child support. That’s $96K annually she’s making in child support. So many homeless people and fatherless children in this world, it blows my mind. $96K a year isn’t enough. I wonder what she’s asking for now and I can’t believe Nas is out here paying that amount. Hopefully Nas and Kelis can come to some type of agreement

Quincy Jones News

A couple weeks ago, Quincy made news because he said he currently has 22 girlfriends! 22 what!! Quincy has a lot to say these days and we are all here for the “Tea”! The tea is burning everyone’s tongue this morning, I don’t know where to start. Let’s start easy, when asked in interview about Bill Cosby case, Quincy refused to speak on what his friend Cosby is going through. We can call that a solid friendship. Quincy admits to dating Ivanka Trump! What wait let me do the math on this, the age but who cares; because he loved her legs. He said someone informed him she took interest in him and he didn’t back down. When he was asked about today’s music, he replied “Bruno Mars. Chance the Rapper. Kendrick Lamar. I like where Kendrick’s mind is. He’s grounded. Chance, too. And the Ed Sheeran record is great. Sam Smith — he’s so open about being gay. I love it. Mark Ronson is someone who knows how to produce.” Well speaking of “Gay” we all know Marlon Brando (God Father/Actor) was open about being Bi. What we are all shocked about is Richard Pryor, Marvin Gaye and James Baldwin. Quincy said “Everyone was Bi” he continued saying “Brando used to go Cha-Cha dancing with us. He could dance his a** off. He was the most charming motherf***er you ever met. He’d f**k anything. Anything! He’s f**k a mailbox” Quincy said he had Pryor, Gaye and Baldwin. Richard ex-wife confirmed this is true! Sheesh I am here for a Quincy book for sure! It doesn’t end there, Jones came at the “King of Pop”, he said the Michael was the King of stealing music and he did not get surgery due to a skin condition but because he didn’t like himself. Yikes! Waiting on the Jacksons. Someone throw me some Popcorn! Quincy speaks on Tupac and his daughter “I wasn’t happy at first. He’d attacked me for having all these white wives. And my daughter Rashida, who was at Harvard, wrote a letter to The Source taking him apart. I remember one night I was dropping Rashida at Jerry’s delicatessen, and Tupac was talking to Kidada because he was falling in love with her then. Like an idiot, I went over to him, put two arms on his shoulders and said, “Pac, we gotta sit down and talk, man.” If he had had a gun, I would’ve been done. But we talked. He apologized. We became very close after that. Once, I was having a date at the Hotel Bel-Air, and he came by and told the waiter that he would be back, he was going home to put on a tie.” “I know. The people who say I wanted to have sex with him. Man, this is the biggest age of haters I have ever seen in my life. I’ve been called a blonde-lover, a pedophile, gay, everything. I don’t care, man. Imagine my daughter being engaged to Tupac and me trying to make love to him? And I’m not into no men, man. I’m a hard-core lesbian. Are you kidding? All my life, all my life.” Keep in mind he said everyone in the 7o’s were Bi. Quincy is on one! Last but not least, this is what he had to say about T-Pain "My last record [2010’s Q: Soul Bossa Nostra]. I was not in favor of doing it, but the rappers wanted to record something as a tribute to me, where they’d do versions of songs that I’d done over my career. I said to them, “Look, you got to make the music better than we did on the originals.” That didn’t happen. T-Pain, man, he didn’t pay attention to the details."

Meek Mills taking "Wins" while locked away

Thanks to the Eagles, rapper Meek Mill 'Dreams and Nightmares' Earned 1.4 Million U.S. Streams on Day After Super Bowl LII. 

Stormi Bree vs Kylie Jenner

Stormi Bree THROWING SHADE! She isn't here for  Kylie Jenner, naming her baby girl Stormi. Stormi took to twitter in a shady way!: “current mood” with a spider at the end and (bad timing).”

Bruno Mars

Bruno is excited to hear the Super Bowl news! He tweeted:

Yo is it true that the next Super Bowl is in Atlanta?

@NFL you have the opportunity to celebrate incredible Hip Hop Artist from Atlanta Next year.

@NFL Outkast. T.I Gucci, lil jon, Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri just to name a few. it would be the best party Tv has ever seen!

Neyo's Ex spilling the Tea

On my Instagram page, I posted Neyo’s reply to his Ex and fans. He’s currently receiving a lot of #Backlash from comments made by his Ex Monyetta Shaw. The singer is due to have a new born soon with wife Crystal and Monyetta isn’t here for it! She said they both made promises to each other and we’re not talking about promises like couples do, saying they’ll never love again or never to remarry. These promises consist of snip snip and burn burn. “Sterilization was something Ne-Yo and I discussed thoroughly in the months leading up to the baby's delivery," continues "Ne-Yo also agreed to undergo a vasectomy to show our mutual commitment to the relationship” "Before the doctors finished up in the delivery room, I told them, 'I want you to burn my fallopian tubes” She said “The doctor must have asked us eight times if this was what we wanted," she said. "Each time, we both replied, 'Yes.” If these allegations are true, it sucks because he’s married and starting a new family. She will not be able to give the next man any babies! She said "I was so busy caring for two young children, I just assumed Ne-Yo had followed through and had gotten the vasectomy," Sucks Neyo! She also acknowledges being scared "I'm too scared to go to a doctor to find out if there's anything they can do about it, because I do want to get married someday, and if my future husband does not have kids, I will want to have his children."

Kylie and Travis welcomes Baby Girl

Social media is in a frenzy over Kris Jenner's post:  So cute! One of my favorite @kyliecosmetics shades!! Posie K is launching as a limited edition trio set to celebrate the second anniversary! Feb 5 on #Repost @kyliecosmetics: "Say hello to the Posie K Anniversary Lip Trio! Featuring our award winning shade in gloss, matte and brand new velvet formula! Launching Feb 5 💕Just in time for Valentine’s Day! 💗"

A lot of people believe she is telling Kylie's fans, her baby girl name!

"TI isn't here for Raven"


Raven Symone speaks on Roc Nation Brunch

Hip Hop artist in an uproar over Raven’s post on Social Media. A lot of people somewhat disagree and other are questioning why. Raven is known for a childhood “Acting” jobs suck as Bill Cosby Show and That’s So Raven but adult Raven is struggling a little with the acceptance of others. She often goes left with statements, like not claiming to be African American. Yes, you have some artist in this photo with a past but did Jay Z not speak on his individual growth on 4:44? Now don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this is a little distasteful. The Roc Nation Brunch, should a lot of successful Black Men and the thing Raven stated are Allegations, if I say so. Also, not everyone in this picture, disrespected “Black Women”. Swizz Beatz for example doesn’t rap, he produces music, I can’t recall him stating any of those terms she’s accusing them all in this picture.

Travis refuse to be a Model Dad

They say be careful who you decide to sleep with because you never know the outcome from that one day of excitement. Kylie broke up with Tyga and less than a month, she was with Travis Scott! The relationship surfaced online, showing the couple out at Basketball games and more. Shortly after dating Kylie went into hiding after the world found out she was pregnant. Her fans, including Tyga was surprised. Tyga took to snapchat saying that’s his baby, which was a posted and delete.

Kylie is now changing her life around for preparation of her baby girl arrive this month. Guess who’s not here for life changes…Travis! A source close to the rapper says he is not changing to become a “Model Dad”. They also stated that Travis acknowledge this was not a planned pregnancy.

My message to Travis: Although the pregnancy wasn’t planned, guess what was planned. That night of sex that you unprotected was something you mapped out in your head. IJS it’s time to man up and yes that should mean changing a little but for the better.

Mo'Nique Boycott's Netflix

A few weeks ago, Comedian Mo'Nique took to Instagram with a video stating she's Boycotting Netflix and she asked her fans to support her on her allegation towards them.  The Grammy winning Comedian was upset when Netflix offered her $500K for a show but offered other over a million dollars.  She felt like they pretty much attacked her character and low ball her, due to her accomplishments.  People like Sheryl Underwood sided with Netflix.  Mo decided she will share the emails between Netflix and her Husband (manager) Sidney.  See above or visit my Instagram by clicking the link below.  That's not it, Mo also shared a video of her trailer blowing up, on set at "This Christmas" she said no one checked on her or made sure she was okay.  I hope everything works out for Mo'Nique , people seem to think she's being blacked ball for the shots she made towards Oprah and Lee Daniels.

Janet Jackson

The Super Bowl is tomorrow, and everyone is excited! Janet Jackson’s fans wishes were at a all time high, thinking her Janet was going to surprise everyone and perform with Justin Timberlake tomorrow. Janet made a post saying “TO PUT TO REST ANY SPECULATION OR RUMORS AS TO WHEATHER I WILL BE PERFORMING AT THE SUPER BOWL TOMORROW: I WILL NOT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND I DO LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ALL VERY SOON” -JANET. Rumor has it, Janet’s family is still upset with the incident that took place with Justin exposing her electrifying “Boob”. Here’s the thing, accidents happen, and performers should always be prepared for a wardrobe malfunction. Personally, I felt like Janet was prepared! Her “Boob” was decked out with the perfect jewelry, honestly it looked like the star pasty that everyone wears under a see-through shirt. Maybe Janet doesn’t want to perform as a silent protest. Who knows! Rumors are rumors

Troy Ave Snitching?

Social Media in an uproar over Troy Ave testifying against Taxstone, well his lyrics say so. Troy Ave released ‘2 Legit 2 Quit’ video indicating he will testify against Taxstone. Everyone is calling him a “Snitch”! Allegedly Taxstone killed Troy’s bodyguard Banga, according to Feds. The situation is messy, fans tend to get caught up on lyrics. Believing their number one artist is this hardcore “Gangsta” and they’re not!

Bruno Mars Announcement

While Nicki is missing from Social media, Cardi B continues to creep up that latter! We all fell in love with Cardi from Love and Hip Hop to Bodak Black! My question to you all, where have you been? I’ve always said that this chick is going to take Nicki’s spot…It’s not that Nicki isn’t out here (well was) poppin’ but something about Cardi’s hustle was “Real”. Bruno mars asked her to Ft in his song Finesse; which gave us a flash back of “In living Color”. Bruno and Cardi took to Social Media teasing but confirming a tour. Bruno invited Cardi to join him.

Azealia Banks News

Lately Azealia Banks is known for her feuds with popping stars, such as: Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and the latest beef with Remy Ma. Let’s not forget her beef with “Animal Activist” all over because of her sacrificing chickens on Social Media. A lot of people questioned if she was bitter or just plain hating. In the past, rumors surfaced, she was unable to be signed because of her attitude. Her latest beef with Remy Ma was childish and unexpected because when she was angry with Nicki, she flocked to Remy. Sending her pictures and telling her not to worry about Nicki. Surprisingly, her and Nicki recently kissed and made up. Azealia admitted her money troubles and now that all changed today. Azealia states she landed a $1million dollar record deal! I know that’s right, maybe this will help Banks attitude and bring her happiness. Only time will tell

Team Petty

Kim Kardashian West is crowned the Petty Queen this week! Besides the backlash she received for her recent spicy pics on Instagram and calling her "Cornrows" Bo Derek! She's been advertising her Valentine's Day inspired Fragrances! She decided to send all of her haters one, such as: Blac Chyna and Taylor Swift! Petty Betty is her new name! But thoughtful  


R Kelly & Lil Kim teased a legendary collaboration! Besides R Kelly being muted, it’s been over 20 years since him and Queen B hit the stage. Remember “Feeling on you Booty”, yes a hit! R Kelly is up against two women who started a movement to “mute” him, but they can’t mute Lil Kim! Despite his many allegations, he makes good music…   

Quavo in a little trouble!

Migo’s have proven in the past that you just don’t mess with them! Apparently Quavo is being accused of assault. They’re saying he beat the h%ll of a famous jeweler. The jeweler name is Eric, apparently, they were in the club together and Eric started stating Migo’s artist owes him money. Eric made the cops aware that Quavo and another guy jumped him! Sources are stating the other man was not Offset or Takeoff. Eric ran out of the club and he noticed his $30K chain was missing! So not only did he file an assault report but also a robbery report with the Cops.

Meek Mill update on Judge

Meek Mill is popping in the News world this week! First the Court Clerk and the confirmation she was fired. New information on Meeks case, his attorney states he has proof that Judge Brinkley was unfair during the sentencing process with Meek Mills. Keep in mind this probation is from charges, when Meek was 19. When he was sentence, Social Media was in an uproar. His charges were outrageous and very unfair, if I say so myself. So many people, including those he previous beefed with (Drake) made post about this. Meek is for his community and he always look out for the “Younger” generation! Well his attorney states the proof of the judge showing bias is in the documents. So we shall see.... 

Scott Baio accused of Sexual Assault 

Biao appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday denying allegations made from "Charles in Charge" cast mate Nicole Eggert's.  Nicole made accusations saying  Biao repeatedly sexually abused her when she was a teenager.  Nicole interview with Dr. Oz was on hold for awhile because her timelines weren't adding up...This

T- Pain Sues His Booking Agents

So T-Pain was set to perform during Fashion Meets Music Festival,  The upfront amount was $12.5K and after he perform, he was suppose to receive $25K. Well T- Pain performed baby and guess what they did, paid him $15K and gave him the reminder in a check that "BOUNCED"! T-Pain however isn't suing the people who are out here writing bad checks but instead he's suing the booking agents.  He said before he hit the stage, he pretty much assumed they paid him.  So he wants the Booking Agents to pay his concert fees and not the people who wrote him the bad check. Hmmm a little backwards but as long as someone pays up I guess.

The Beehive is allover these hints!

 The Beehive thinks Beyoncé is recording a secret album for the movie Black Panther. We all know Queen Bey love's dropping surprises on us when it comes to new music. She recently attended the Grammy's with husband Jay Z, her gear was all black and she carried a "Black Panther" clutch.  Fan's believe these indirect hints for her upcoming project.

Jennifer Hudson to Star in Aretha Franklin BioPic

Clive Davis sent hints during his party saying "a transcendent performer," Davis—who signed both singers to his record label—added, "She stops any and every show she's in. Her voice is truly incredible. When they ask, 'Where's the next Aretha? Where will the next Aretha will come from?' I say, 'It's her." Well Jennifer Hudson confirmed she will star in Aretha Franklin's Bio pic.  Straight Outta Compton producer Scott Bernstein will produce it alongside music producer Harvey Mason, Jr.

Martin Reboot

Bring 90's back, yes! How many agree?  Martin Lawrence made history with this show and not a show has yet to meet this comedy show standards. Martin's fiancé gave hints of the shows reboot and Martin's fans are at a all time "High" off of this.  During a recent interview with Tisha Campbell she didn’t deny rumors “It’s surprising that people still love those characters so much. I can’t tell you anything but really exciting” she said in interview smiling. “I can’t tell you but it has been an honor to be Gina for all these years.”

Did you know Chrissy Teigen Kneeled  to Beyoncé

I mean who wouldn’t kneel for Queen Bey!!! Chrissy recalls that moment and the funny part was, John dapping it up with Jay. Chrissy says ""And John's like bro-fiving with Jay-Z, and I'm like, 'Oh, my Lord," Teigen continued. "It was so weird."

Ex NBA Player Dies

Ex NBA Player Rasual Butler 38 and wife Leah LaBelle 31, in a horrific accident. Reports are stating, Rasual was driving his Range Rover and lost control. The SUV flipped over killing both him and his wife!

Remy Ma Speaks on Domestic Violence

Remy Ma speaks on why she supports the #Timesup movement.      "I grew up in a time (and in a home) where abuse of women was the norm,” she wrote. “It was common & like nothing for a woman in my family to have a black eye from her partner or to hear a story about how one of them had been sexually abused by a family member or ‘friend." Remy said that this experience fueled her zero-tolerance policy for sexual or domestic abuse of any kind, and sent praise to all the ladies speaking out against it.

Kylie Jenner

So, we’re still calling this a rumor I guess because neither Kylie or Travis Scott, has yet to make a statement on pregnancy. Source close to Kylie states, she’s not here for a Nanny! She’s worried about different people being around her baby. So, I guess this is a baby her fans won’t see for a very long time. Some question, what’s so special about this baby. Everyone isn’t the same, I think if I was of their standards, I would hold off showing my baby to the public eye because people can be hurtful. Or is it because the baby will look like her before her surgeries, who knows. It’s her child…. Right?

DMX Arrested

DMX arrested violating Parole, drugs! We know that drugs are a continuous battle for Hip Hop legend DMX. The question at this point, is should he serve jail time. When you have a drug abuser, is jail beneficial at this point? The answer is NO, how is this helping the artist, it’s not. DMX should be sentence to a Rehabilitation center, to help him with his addiction. He needs help not punishment!

Mark Salling

Glee actor Mark Salling found dead in the woods weeks before he was due to be jailed over 50,000 child abuse images. The reports are stating he hung himself. Tim Davis (the show's former vocal coordinator) took to social media, tweeting "Let me be clear.  Having compassion for #marksalling in no way minimizes his crimes, nor does it minimize the pain and devastation of the victims of those crimes.  I'm just saying stop adding to his family's pain.  This was their son. If you're without sin, feel free to cast stones"

Meek Mill update

The Court Clerk who slid the college tuition request note to Meek Mill's, was fired.  She admitted to asking the Rapper to pay her son's college tuition. I guess it doesn't pay to be upfront.  

Was Jay Z snubbed @ GRAMMY'S?

The Rap mogul Boycotted the Grammy’s in the past  due to fellow rapper DMX being snubbed in 1999. If you don’t remember that year, DMX was the man. His success rate was on 100! Jay Z didn’t take well to rapper DMX, not being acknowledge for his success. Jay Z decided after boycotting, his wife Beyoncé was the main reason he returned to the Grammy’s. We all know Queen Bey in the past was nominated for numerous awards. It would’ve been strange not having your “Soulmate” by your side.

Jay Z 4:44 album was amazing, the lyrics were so powerful and it spoke to “His people”. What I mean about his people, are those that are African Americans. He was teaching when it came to this album and while on tour. Lyrics like “You wanna know what's more important than throwin' away money at a strip club? Credit You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? This how they did it” Our teaching Boys to be men and apologizing to his wife in open song “Look, I apologize, often womanize…Took for my child to be born, see through a woman's eyes…Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles”. Jay Z was snubbed this album in my eyes was two powerful for some. To me he already won. I went on the 4:44 tour and listening to him talked, made me believe in myself even more. Like I can do this and stop saying it’s for fun. I admire the boy to man that transition in front of us all. I Salute you Jay Z! You’re a winner to me


So we all know the history of infidelities on Kevin Harts end!  He cheated on then pregnant wife while on tour and the mistress shared a video of them two in Kevin's hotel room, getting busy. Well Eniko is no longer pregnant and she is not here for this public embarrassment going forward.  Kevin Hart is on tour and guess who popped up unexpectedly, Eniko. She is now joining Kevin while on tour.

Marriage is a work in progress, no matter if you are a celebrity.  On Instagram I asked, what are your limits when it comes to marriage? Do you accept your spouse apology due to cheating or do you bounce?  So many different responses, but the one response that stuck out was: "Marriage is a working progress".  Is this something I agree with, no but in the same token if you truly love someone, it's worth working out.  

Lisa Ray Home Burglarized

We all love "Diamond" from the Players Club; one of Lisa's many roles in acting. Her home in San Fernando Valley was burglarized.  She found out through a family member who was checking up on her home, while Lisa was out of town. $160K to be exact, was stolen from Raye; including jewelry and handbags.  She is now the third celebrity hit.  Remember this happened to Mariah Carey! 

Kim Kardashian

Kim is known for "Breaking the Internet" with her half nude pictures on Social Media sites, such as Instagram and Snap Chat.  Her fans love when she drops randoms like this, but others aren't two thrilled with her taste in photos.  A lot of people question, if she considers her children.


Social Media in a uproar over RiRi's picture that's circulating Social Media.  The Navy(Rihanna's fans) are wondering if she's pregnant. This is a beautiful picture of Rihanna, however I don't believe she's pregnant.  She's simply happy!

Nelly's Girlfriend makes a Statement

This ongoing case with Nelly, real name Cornell Iral Hayner Jr and his accuser Monique Greene.  Monique Greene 22, alleges the rapper raped her on his tour bus.  She is now suing Nelly for Sexual Assaulted! Shantell Jackson, Nelly's girlfriend is standing by his side.  "Flase Claims" she said.  Jackson admits that her man is "Fu%ked up" but in the same statement she said she's with the rapper every time he tours. She's on tour with him but Nelly, admitted to having sexual relations with the accuser but not sexually assaulting her. The rapper is now counter-suing his accuser.  

Donald Trump's response to Jay Z

So there's one thing we can say our new President is consistent with and that's "Ignorance".  He is like a boy in a mans body.  How can he possibly think he is the reason for the rate dropping, as if President Obama did nothing.  The fact that he addressed us as "Blacks" is really blowing my mind and showing us every day how he's a closet racist.  This is how "I" view him.  I have never seen a President have so many twitter rants in my life! 

Philadelphia Court Clerk: Meek Mill

First let me say #FreeMeekMill ! So get this, Philadelphia court clerk tried it on Meek Mills time.  During his violation of probation hearing, she slid him a note, asking him to pay off her sons college tuition.  Bold


Rap mogul Suge Knight's former lawyers were arrested for bribing witnesses! They are now facing Felony Charges

To be Continued


So we all know girl number 14 came out with new allegations towards Russell Simmons.  Her name is Jennifer and she is stating Simmons uses his power and fame to conduct sexual acts with women he has encountered over the years.  I think we've all been waiting for Kimora Lee Simmons to make a statement; they have two children together.  Her statement :

"I add my voice to the chorus of those speaking out against harassment and violence in all its forms,” she said in her message on Instagram. “I have known Russell for over 25 years. We were close friends, married, divorced, and have remained friends, co-parents and partners throughout it all. These allegations against him are nothing like the person I have known in all that time. I have known him to be a caring and supportive father and someone who has worked tirelessly to uplift disenfranchised communities. This is a pivotal moment in which men are being held accountable for their abuses of power and denigrating behavior towards women in all spheres. As a mother of two daughters, I believe that no one should ever be shamed or portrayed as an unreliable witness to their own experiences for speaking up. Nor should anyone be condemned legally without due process and a fair trial.”

Hit and Run!

R& B singer Ashanti and her mother were involved in a “Hit and Run” in Beverly Hills that left the other driver in tears. They were not injured but no the driver said the Singer asked for her information but didn’t share any of hers. They pulled off after the young lady provided her number. Ashanti was however the passenger in this incident. 

My thoughts: She's a celebrity and maybe she should have stayed on the scene but in the same token, we have some crazy people in this world. I would also be cautious providing my information out to a complete stranger.  

Jill Scott

Back in September Jilly from Philly filed for a divorce from Husband Mike Dobson. Jill’s reason “irreconcilable differences” and “inappropriate marital conduct that such further cohabitation would be unsafe and improper.” Through the course of this divorce, she Jill Scott was also granted a restraining order against Mike Dobson.

Mike is now suing Jill Scott for $500K, stating she forced him to sign a prenup. So, he’s pretty much following the footsteps of Mary’s Husband.

Mute R Kelly

So there's a campaign for R Kelly called #MUTERKELLY . Oronike Odeleye is a Atlanta manager of the Creative Currents Artist Collaborative, is seeking a change out in these industry streets.  She started this petition to Kelly's music in July 2017.  This started from the sexual abuse scandals with multiple under aged girls for the past two decades.  Let's not forget he married 15 year old Aaliya when he was 25 and allegedly urinated on a teen while performing sexual acts.  Let's not forget about his recent allegations, holding young women hostage in his home.  The campaign shut down multiple concerts so far.  

Rapper 6IX9INE Signs a Crazy Deal

You mite remember him from his Pleading guilty to Three Felony Accounts of Sexual Misconduct but other know Tekashi69 for his Rainbow hair and his rapping skills.  Tekashi "Gummo" track currently has over 100 million views, land him a $7.5 million deal! January 25, 2018, he made a post saying "Right now I'm signing my life away to the illuminati for 7.5 million dollars. Life is awesome"

Baby Changing Faces

That's what they are calling Deelishis now! The former Reality TV Star from Flava flav Show, is being accused of altering her face.  Deelishis took to Social Media stating the only thing she had done was dental work. She also gave props to learning from so many different make up artist how to contour her face.  Deelishis also mentioned using filters on almost every picture. Hmmm to each it's own but I must say it's a drastic change.  IJS

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