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Reviews on Movies and TV Series 


TV Show Twenties is created by Lena Waithe. The show is based on a lesbian aspiring screenwriter name Hattie. The show had appearances from Rick Fox, Iman Shumpert, Kim Whitley and Big Sean. I was late catching on to this show, however when I finally enjoyed an episode, I was able to binge watch! I felt like I went through the shows fast, because of how short each episode was, I need an hour please lol.  This show left me wanting more and I can wait for season 2. 

Netflix-Spencer Confidential

Mark Wahlberg plays Spencer in the Netflix movie. He's an ex cop that was recently released from prison. Spencer decided to put his detective intense to work and made Hawk, played by Winston Duke his partner. This movie was fun to watch. I love seeing Bokeem Woodine in any film, he played Driscoll a bad cop. I give this movie 5 stars and hopes of a part 2.  

All Day and a Night

This movie was focused on Jahkor, played by Ashton Sanders. This movie gave me Boyz in the Hood vibes. I must say it was good but a little confusing. I mean I understand the concept and the reason behind the movie. However, a few things I'm left without closure. Like when did his friend  turn TQ turn on him and why? Maybe it's something I missed and need to go back an watch but, I was like wait where did that come from. Jeffery Wright played Jahkor's father in the movie. He started out the reason for his actions but towards the end, showed he wanted better for his son. They both end up spending life in jail together. I wanted to see more, although this was a two hour movie. I felt like more of his youth needed to show. 

Black Goddess Healing and Manifestation 

Black Goddess Healing and Manifestation is for those seeking guidance in their life and spiritual journeys. The host, Dr. G, is a spiritual enthusiast, intuitive, and neurological expert with a passion for African Traditional Spirituality.

Please check her podcast show out- a most listen! On Anchor, Spotify and or Itunes (podcasts). 

The Lovebirds

The best thing about my current Quarantine Life, is being able to watch great movies. I'm so happy this movie was released on Netflix. It was a great watch for a few laughs. I am however, happy it was released on Netflix and I didn't see it in the movie theater. It was good but a movie, I would prefer waiting for it to hit on TV.   


"I would like to go to Dreamland"- This series was a great watch and makes you question Hollywood. 

The show went over what most actors have allegedly done,; to get hit roles in movies. They also went over how people of color and the LGBTQ community were treated.  However, the best part was the obstacles they overcame during this series.  I cried happy tears at the end! 

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

I know I'm light to this doc series but I am in love with this Documentary and the stories from across the world. People relate to God in such a different way but the near death experiences are all the same. If you want to learn more about different religions, this is your show. I am taking season one very slow. Somethings I watch again, to have a full understand of others culture.  

Homecoming -Prime TV

This thriller is exactly what I thought it would be! Janelle is really falling into this acting career and I'm a fan. It's about the military, PSTD, memory and more. This series is a must see.