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Michael Jackson Niece -Yasmine Jackson

Yasmine Jackson was allegedly attacked by her neighbor in what she's calling a hate crime now! Yasmine mentioned the neighbor filing noise complaints in the past but this time it was extreme. The neighbor allegedly jumped on to her balcony chasing Yasmine until she caught her and proceeded to stab her! Jackson yelled for help but it took some time for someone to jump in and stop the attack. 

Queen V  

Baby Bump

Fans have a lot to say about Nicki Minaj lately and it's not just about her featuring on Trollz track with 6ix9ine! It has a lot to do with her "Baby Bump". Nicki has yet to confirm but it's clear the Petty's are expecting a baby. Congratulations!

Trollz is up in the air with a lot of people. Fans question how can Nicki do a track with a snitch! Nicki's response is there's a lot snitches with in different camps and it's about music not the streets. She confirmed this is something her husband didn't agree with because he goes by the street code.  

They're smart and hit over 46 Million viewers on YouTube! Who wouldn't want to watch the video now to see her baby bump....

Queen V 6/13/20


Rapper and Grammy winner Eve is receiving backlash after her comments made on The Talk. Eve states that  having a conversation with her husband Maxmillion Coopper about what's taking place with being black in America, is uncomfortable for her to have. She states "She doesn't know his life through his eyes." She continues by saying he sometimes doesn't understand. 

Personally I would find explaining I was a stripper and how my sex tape leaked uncomfortable. This is shocking to me, coming from Eve. It should never be an excuse and always be a topic of discuss. Especially in today's world. 

Queen V

Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor would have been 27 years old today. She was killed a couple a months ago, due to an alleged drug sting, the cops kicked her door in and shot her eight times.  

Her family filed a wrongful death lawsuit two months after her killing, stating charges of batter, wrongful death, excessive force, negligence and gross negligence. The cops alleged a man in a drug sting may have possibly been receiving package to her place!  

Her killer is still free! No justice has been served in the case of Breonna Taylor! Say her name! 

Queen V 6/5/2020

Delaware's Protest

Last night was disgusting! I'm ashamed of what took place! Yesterday started out as a peaceful protest. My Co Host and I decided to join in on the protest, earlier that day and when people started getting worked up with left with no hesitations. 

I watched different FaceBook lives and couldn't believes the things I witnessed on those videos. People running out with clothes and sneaks from Al's, DTLR and more. They stole boxes of weaves! People are ignorant to think, this is how we should act to get attention. We can't do things like this! We can't make Trump's statements into reality. Yes, we're emotional, Yes we're tired but those aren't the people out their stealing! Those are the people taking advantage of what's taking place and seeing this as an opportunity to steal.  We have to show them different. How about Marching with your hands up! How about sitting down in the roads-stopping traffic. How about chanting "Black Lives Matter". This craziness is taken away from the people who want a change! It's taking away from the people who want Police Brutality to STOP. STAND DOWN! This isn't us! We're so much more than this!

Queen V 5/31/20 

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

America we Stand?

Protesters across the world make a stand for George Floyd. I don't condone to violence but I feel like people are wanting to get their point across. It's not the first or second time a black man was murdered by a police officer. They're angry! Shit, I'm angry! This is beyond hurtful and I can't bare to watch the video all the way through. This man had children, children he yelled out for and a teen who recorded this whole ordeal. Imagine what they're felling. Imagine their pain! When you think about police officers, you think they're all her to serve and protect, not kill and get protected. Justice must be served! They should react like they did with Mohamed Noor. He's a man of color and accidentally shot a white woman and killed her. They fired and charged him, with no hesitation. 12.5 years is what he's serving! Same city and police force in Minneapolis.   

Dived we are

The times today are no different than the slavery times in the past. They now gave the racist people badges. They're killing us one by one. Pending charges on our black men, to keep them away for years. They are trying to eliminate us! The racist ones, because not every white person is racist. I'm tired! I want a change! 

Queen V 5/30/2020

Number 45

Welp! His statement didn't last long. We should've seen this coming. This is the leadership we have today. "These Thugs" he say but what about the white protesters coming out with their guns. He didn't label them thugs but because the majority of protesters for George Floyd are black, they're consider thugs.

I'm so tired of this so, called leader. This isn't leadership, although I don't condone to violence. People are hurt! They're looking for justice. They're tired of this repeated story! When does it stop?

Queen V 5/29/2020 

Donald Trumps Statement

Everything is going to be okay because Donald Trump says so!

 Yes, it's great he now acknowledges an African American, innocently killed by police officers but he does so, as reelection slowly approaches. Oh, and the fact that the police officer seen on video kneeling on George Floyd's neck, is a Trump Supporter.  #Staywoke

Queen V 5/27/2020

When does it stop?

The news lately is depressing! Another Black man murdered by police. The officer seen in the picture, places his knee to George Flyod's neck, as he screams he can't breathe and he was in pain. The picture alone is heartbreaking- but the video is crushing. His family remembers him by "The gentle giant"! 

The officer and three others involved in the incident have been fired. They are now being investigate for murder. 

When does it stop? People take to social media to voice their opinion. So many have stated, how does Black Lives Matter now but we're out killing ourselves. Yes, this is something we need to touch base on but Police Officers are supposed to be there to serve and to protect us all, not be murders behind badges. 

Queen V 5/28/20

Verzuz- 112 VS Jagged Edge

Verzuz was strange tonight. A lot of fans that missed the message- Quinnes Parker and Daron Jones, refused to be apart of the verzuz battle tonight. They sent a message to their fans (right hand picture) stating they have an ongoing legal issue that is not settled. 

I must say the sound threw me off tonight. I couldn't get into the battle due to the static sound when 112 joined. 

Queen v 

Could it Be?

An alleged 28 year old is speaking out, about Jay Z being her Father. She took to Instagram writing:

"Meet The Parents'" she continued by saying:

"I've been quiet for far too long!


Join me as I tell you my story of living in the shadows of being Jay-Z's daughter in a city where everyone knew he was my father!

How growing up, I watched Multiple Sclerosis take its toll on my mom. Taking my 'fun mom' that I've always known to 24-hour bedridden.

But I kept it all together raising four kids -- including a set of twins while going to school full-time, working two jobs at the prison and the hospital."


La'Teasha Macaer, lives in Maryland. She's online bringing attention to her being Billionaire Jay Z's alleged daughter. She also takes us on a journey with her Mother, who's facing 

"Expanded the operation out in Maryland

Me and Emory Jones in the caravan"

This isn't the first time this story attempted to come out and not the first time hearing about Jay Z having other children. people are still wondering what happened to FREE, from 106 and Park? Although these are allegations but skeletons don't stay in the closest for long. Right? They always surface...  La'Teasha did and matched with various "Carter's" . She also showed her DNA matching Jay's Aunt! I hope Jay Z can make this right if these allegations are in fact true!

She's writing a book called "A memoir of Jay-Z's secrete Daughter." My life and times without S. Carter. 

Queen V- 5/24/2020


Verzuz by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, did it again! Tonight was nothing short but EPIC! 

Bounty Killer VS Beenie Man from start to finish was everything in life, both artist have barz for days. I mean it was a joyful event. How could I ever pick one?????  Although Beenie Man would win by default because I always had a little crush on Dude! Let me tell you and him talking heavy just made me love Beenie even more. Lol! They were onset together, with their own DJ's. The music was on point and their reaction to Rihanna watching was too cute!

The cops came and tried to shut it down but Beenie Man shut them down! He told them "You don't want to be that guy in front of 500K people watching".  Looking forward to more! 

Queen V 5/23/2020


Future not only accused his Baby Momma Eliza of stealing his name (although he denied this statement wasn't about Eliza). He went on a twitter rant, stating he's just posting his favorite quotes and song verses.  

Here's my thing, during sex the only thing that's 100% is absences. I never understood a grown man, that's grown enough to fu*k but not man enough to handle the outcome. Future know damn well his soldiers swim, they do back flips and more, to reach that egg. Let's be clear! At this point, he should just stop until he settles completely down. The baby is innocent and have nothing to do with grown up problems. Your fans are watching, how you going to act?

Queen V 5/23/2020


Rapper Dave East was taken into custody by NYPD before his friend funeral. Early Friday Morning, was pulled over near Queenbridge houses in Astoria section of Queens. He was originally pulled over for failing to use his turn signal. When the officer approached his door, he smelled a strong odor of marijuana and took a passenger out of the vehicle.  During this process, they accused Dave East of becoming aggressive and being "Non-Complaint with officers." (Please see video on IG) 

Queen V 5/22/2020

It's never to late

Migos artist- Quavo, graduates from high school at the age of 29 years old.  He officially received his  High School diploma. Congratulations 2020 Grad!

Queen V 5/22/2020

Freelee Foundation 

🗣 #publicserviceannouncement Hello great people! We will be rolling out our next campaign within the next week, “Contributing to LGBTQI Families During COVID-19.” This campaign will reimburse up to $200 in bill, grocery, or other related expenses, that have the potential to create hardships during the pandemic, to LGBTQI headed households throughout the State of Delaware! Please check back for more information on how to apply! Interested in helping us during this campaign? Donations are being accepted here or at #freeleefoundation #delaware #covid19 #pandemicsupport #economichardship #relief #nonprofit #communityservice #LGBTQI #lesbian #gay #bisexual #transgender #queer #intersex #families #community #preventingcrises #501c3 #womanownedbusiness #blackownedbusiness #lgbtqownedbusiness


The Gooba artist can't seem to stay out of the news. Are we surprised? We shouldn't be! Besides his snitching history, 6ix9ine has always been about his paper and prompting himself, incorporating trolling. 

I do want to shout out hairstylist Johnathan! He hooked him up with a nice little lace front. People are calling him gay because he's wearing a lace front. However, this isn't 6ix9ine's first time wearing weave. If you look closely to his Gooba video, you can see his hair peeking through. I'm actually happy about this unit. It also looks very natural. 

Trolling or snitching doesn't end with Gooba. The popular Hip hop artist took to instagram and put Ariana Grande on blast. He stated he was in 2nd place on the Billboard Charts and Ariana was 5th  place on the charts and all of a sudden she jumped to number 1 over night. He actually makes a point, how do you sale 60,000 units over night....?

Queen V 5/15/2020

Don't call it quits!

Rumor has it: Lil Wayne is no longer engaged to plus size model Latecia Thomas. We know Lil Wayne was only married once to Toya Johnson (2004 and divorced 2006). He was also with Nivea (2002-2003, 2009-2010) and they were engaged. I honestly thought they would end up back together but after watching her YouTube video, she may want to do a movie on her life with Wayne or her life period. She seem like she has a lot to share!  Just my thoughts~

Queen V 5/15/2020

Love and Hip Hop 

Let me start by saying I love Karlie Redd's old ass! Nothing ya'll can say about this woman to make me think other wise. She just haven't meant her life partner. 

Her ex Maurice Fayne is in the news! He's taking advantage of the Covid19 pandemic loan in a bad way! Apparently he's being accused of fraud. "The defendant allegedly stole money meant to assist hard-hit employees and businesses during these difficult times," said Assistant Attorney General Brian A. He obtained a loan in the amount of $2 million dollars. He allegedly  spent over $1.5 million on jewelry and child support. I guess we can say he took care of a responsibility!

Queen V 5/15/2020 

Future- You are the Father!

Eliza Regin is Future's newest addition to his Baby Momma collections. She's stated for months that he's the father and Future has denied these claims and refused to take a DNA test. The court finally ordered him to take a test and the result came in proving he's the father. Time to man up Future and apologize to this woman. Eliza isn't stopping there, she now is requesting for retroactive child support. Can we blame her?

Queen V 5/14/20


I ask myself every day, why is this virus now affecting the majority of our black race. Then I take a look at Social Media and I'm disgusted. I've watched people have gatherings with each other, as if there's not a serious virus going around. 

The sad part, I've watch my own family members have gatherings, going from house to house. My level of anxiety has increased since this Pandemic started. Block parties, house gathers, birthday parties. We're not taking this matter serious enough. They're reopening America for people like this! People who don't care and willing to risk it all for their nails, party and a hug. 

Today was Mother's Day and every year, I'm use to being around family.  This year, things changed. I love my family so much but refuse to myself or their lives at risk. 'WAKE UP" community! They're killing us and we're falling for it every single day. 

Queen V 5/10/2020

Kodak Black's Lawyer Files Motion To  Get Him Removed...

Kodak's Attorney is fighting hard to have his client removed from maximum security prison, after Kodak alleged he was assaulted by guards.  The motion to correct a clerical error, was filed May 8, 2020, which he says is the reason the Rapper is locked up in Max Security despite his non-violent convictions. 

"We have filed a motion on Bills Federal case to correct an error that should lower his classification in the federal system," Cohen revealed on Instagram. "In the federal system you are scored on an offense level and a criminal history category. Bills criminal history category was a 3, i argued at sentencing that this category was overstated as one of his priors was a misdemeanor Marijuana case, that added significant points. The judge accepted that argument and sentenced as if he was a 2. BOP however is still scoring him for  placement as a 3."

Queen V 5/10/20

6ix 9ine is Back

Tekashi 6ix 9ine is back to his trollish ways. He went live Friday 5/8/2020 and loaded his new music video "GOOBA" to YouTube. 

Since, he's addressed the reason why he snitched. He also included a Rat imagine in his video. 6ix9ine alleged the people he snitched on, planned to kill him, kidnap his Mother and was sleeping with his Baby Mother behind his back. He questioned, why would he be loyal to people that was never loyal to him in the begin. He talked about moving their parents out the hood and providing x amount of dollars to them but they betrayed him first. A lot of people are agreeing with him but there's a lot of people who are sticking to the street code. 6ix9ine goes on to apologize for his actions but can't understand why  he should be loyal to someone who was never loyal to him from the start.

Let's talk success- the Hip Hop artist known for trolling, actually made a point. In the mist of him trolling on his live, he mentioned being the first 24 year old that snitched and came back being successful. He broke Eminem record on YouTube, with the most views on hip hop music videos. 6ix9ine "GOOBA" did 43.55 million in the first 24hours. 

6ix9ine was recording outside of his home and a neighbor recorded him and leaked his address. The Feds were made aware of this information and relocated the artist.

Queen V 5/9/2020

Little Richard

The founding Father of Rock who broke so many barriers dies at 87. My condolences to his family. 

Queen V 5/9/2020

Andre Harrell

Music executive who discovered major artist like P. Diddy, dies at age 59.  REVOLT confirmed his passing with a statement, "We can confirm the passing of Andre Harrell," Khanna said in a statement. "Everyone in the REVOLT family is devastated by the loss of our friend, mentor and Vice Chairman. Andre's impact on Hip Hop, the culture and on all of us personally has been immeasurable and profound. May he Rest In Peace." 

Hip Hop and R&B artist took to social media to share the love for Andre. Some say he was known to have the midas touch when it came to discovering and developing talent. Andrea was apart of a Hip Hop group in the early 80's. He made history. My condolences to his family.  

Queen V 05/09/20

Verzuz TV 

Verzuz TV was created by DJ Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. They created this, due to the world shutting down in actions to get a hold of Covid19. The fans including myself, have loved every bit of Verzuz TV. Tonight was Neo Soul history! Jilly from Philly VS Badu. The vibes alone were crazy, free and peace. 

Petty King

The King of Petty and trolling whomever, 50 Cent took to instagram and called Jeezy out for not returning BMF Southwest T calls. We know Jeezy out here living a different life. Jeezy wasn't the only one 50 called out. He also accused Irv Gotti and Diddy of owing the Kingpin money. 

After 50's post, he confirmed Diddy contacting BMF Southwest T and making things right. Southwest also made a post that him and Jeezy had a good ole conversation. 

Queen Vee 5/9/2020